best ice cream in korea

I have previously posted about my favorite ice cream in the entire world – Creme de la Creme and it is one of the things I miss from Prague. Although the general situation is getting better – especially in Seoul, finding vegan food that tastes good is still a challenge. It’s a literal ice cream sandwich. They also added some caramel syrup give it a little savoury taste. Why you would associate ice cream and corn is anyone’s guess, but at least it’s unique! The combination of these 4 items make the tiramisu taste intense. My amazing friend chose the milk tea version and she loved it. This ice cream got it’s name because of the way the ice cream shop looks like –a lab! I love ice cream! Although the general situation is getting better – especially in Seoul, finding vegan food that tastes good is still a challenge. Koreans can be pretty creative and original when it comes to snacking, as I wrote about here. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is not so sweet because there’s a combination of sweetness from the caramel and saltiness from the Injeolmi powder. The most popular one is the Honey Comb. But what is special about Baskin Robbins in Korea is that they always have flavor of the month according to the local fads such as famous movie at that time or famous series at that time. Yo is a Korean-at-heart Thai girl. The fact that you have an ice cream which is made to look like a fish doesn’t surprise me any more, which might be a sign that I’ve lived in Korea quite a while. I have tried one of the popular shops in Hongdae and although not bad, the super high price tag was not worth it. Zoom in to see updated info. Acai berries were named a super food due to it’s antioxidant properties, so we all know it’s healthy but it’s tasty as well! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Melona 메로나. It’s classic and awesome. They specialize in Milk Ice Cream with various toppings. Honeycomb Ice cream Picture: Honeyqueens Facebook. The price starts from only 1,500 won. From that moment I was sold. Osulloc is the best green tea brand from Jeju island. The American ice-cream franchise has more than 8,000 stores in 50 countries worldwide – and many of them have unique flavors that aren’t sold elsewhere! Let me introduce you some nice places to go for a good cone of ice-cream in Seoul! (great excuse right here , Your email address will not be published. Newer bar tend to be short lived and unique. But in all reality the novelty ice cream scene in Korea is amazing. This time I chose the persimmon topping. Following my journey, you may have noticed that being vegan in Korea is hard. The only positive I know about is ice cream. A wafer exterior, filled with ice-cream and red-bean filling, I quite like this ice cream. The best seller here is Walnut Soft cream. Megaton has a decadent toasty caramel flavor and the ice cream has chewy texture that makes it similar to milk caramels. It’s like an intense patbingsu in a bar! This summer HuekImJa Bingsu (black sesame bingsu) was a big hit! This is just like an ice cream sandwich but something more to satisfy that sweet tooth! Where > Anguk Station, Insadong, Opposite Ssamzigil. She loves both .. but in a kinda different way ? Definitely one of the best ice lollies I’ve ever had, and not too sinful either. If you are feeling fancy, you can opt for the toppings. 스크류 Screw bar – If you are a popsicle fan you might like this! For between ₩300-₩2500 (~30 cents to 2.50 usd) you can get a delicious treat from any of the grocery or convenience stores dotted on every corner. xx, Thanks very much! The chocolate is solid and makes for a crunchy contrast to the creamy coffee. This version is a sweet corn ice cream with real kernels. The staff will make it for you right after you order and make sure that you will get the finest quality churro that is hot and freshly made from the kitchen! This is one of my favourites. It’s a cool design, and the makers have even gone so far as to recreate little watermelon pips inside the ice lolly. They use -196 degrees celsius liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream and keep it silky. And, most importantly, they’re (on the whole) delicious. They also have an alternative waffle menu which is waffle with fresh cream. It is truly a good treat for a hot summer day! At Sinchon station, you can find many stores selling waffles as street food.

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