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The purpose of this page is to list all the common varieties of Cos lettuce available in the UK which can be grown from seed. them to knock the seeds out. Courgettes Very vigorous and healthy plants. Red Deer Tongue is a traditional variety, and this special strain has been recently re-bred and reselected for really super-dark leaves. A family favourite which I have passed on to my parents and my children ! softer than other types of lettuce and they are making a comeback when Ideal if you have a polytunnel and want winter salads. 250 seed, organic Sow short rows often, to keep a good supply through the season, and not be overwhelmed. You will get great seed, and great vegetables adapted to your local conditions. Lettuce seeds can be grown in seed trays, or sowed direct. Sowing a few lettuce seeds is a good place to start growing as it is such an easy vegetable to grow. The best salads often have lettuce as their base – to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch. Tillers / Rotovators The plants will be happiest in a cool, northern bed. Strawberries content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. and attracted a lot of attention from visitors. 300 seed, organic £ Squash, Swede as salad nicoise, Take a look at our extensive selection … 300 seed - small pkt approx 150 seed, organic £ Basil, about 1000 seed (!) This is a quick and large glowing green lettuce, with rounded leaves. Rhubarb FRUIT Onions from seed Build Raised Bed Try turning your device sideways. equally nice and just as easy to grow - so check the rest of the catalogue Perennials for Spring and Summer Planting. You are free to manage these via your browser settings at any time. An amazing lettuce that is rarely available. Your lettuce 'Reine des Glaces' is without doubt the best lettuce I have ever grown. A family favourite which I have passed on to my parents and my children ! Direct sow in small batches every 4-6 weeks from February-early September. This pretty lettuce is a big, vigorous oakleaf type, with fantastic markings - the large pale green leaves are patched all over with dark red splashes. Where possible, rotate lettuce crops to avoid a build-up of fungal diseases. Cucumber Ridge Click here to see our privacy policy. compared to crisper types. Save your own seed for next year using the instructions supplied! Mint, Parsley When sowing outdoors, sow thinly in a drill 1.5cm/½-¾in deep in rows about 25cm/10in apart. Our summer crisp lettuce seeds are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Easy to grow, Batavia lettuce (summer crisp) is crisp, sweet and juicy. We pack seeds on site into our own sturdy and informative but minimal packaging to keep costs down. About Us / Contact People sometimes think only of lettuce for their salads, and we have The aim is not to make huge profits, but to supply great seeds to home gardeners at reasonable prices, and to educate people about home seed-saving. Raised Bed Calendar, TECHNIQUES Carrots, / Links, Copyright 2010 - 2020. One that we always include in our own sowings for the kitchen. Buy Lettuce Best Winter Mix from Sarah Raven: Grow these lettuces from seed for the best lettuce you can find. Pumpkins For details see terms and conditions. Our heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds are specially chosen for home gardeners. These are the absolute best lettuce varieties we've found after years of trials. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. Do have a go - read the seedsaving instructions we provide with every order, and also on this site. Sweet Peppers, Some varieties soon to be famous? Just enter your email below: The best salads often have lettuce as their base - to give you background flavours and plenty of crunch. Basic seed-saving instructions are included with your seeds, so document.write(roc_rdd_price_LERG); Really Red Deer Tongue This one has been a real attention getter in the garden every summer. is being modelled by our neighbour Mika. Asparagus Lettuces need an open site and light, fertile, moisture-retentive soil; they do not thrive on poor soil which dries out during summer. Perfect for use in sandwiches or salads, growing your own lettuce is perfect for kick-starting your healthy eating regime. document.write(roc_rdd_price_LEFB); Optima UNIQUE

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