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A Marketing Manager needs to have a firm understanding of market trends, be able to develop a targeted marketing strategy and meet company goals.” – Melissah Smith, Traits of a successful marketing manager, MarketingEye; Twitter: @MarketingEyeAUS, 47. The daily reality of that role includes leading cross-functional teams across finance, sales, demand planning, product development, etc. Deploying marketing automation will require skills such as process modeling, project management, the ability to train and manage change, as well as ease with technology.” – Adele Sweetwood, 9 skills every marketing manager needs to look for, SAS; Twitter: @SASsoftware, 38. ]” – Meenu Susanna, What should I start doing to start a career in brand management?, Quora, 37. Once they have collected data they analyse it so that they can develop informed brand strategies. Once they have developed a brand strategy they work together with marketing and design teams to implement it. to deliver on the consumption budget of a brand. They participate in brand strategy discussions and collaborate with the creative team to ensure strategic objectives are met.” – Brand Manager Career and Salary Profile, Florida Tech Online; Twitter: @FLTechOnline. A brand manager works collaboratively with marketing teams, public relations, strategic management, graphic design, and other departments – thus, an understanding of each of these facets of modern business operations is essential. The difficult part is the pressure that you endure before you present because you are being judged on your verbiage and subject knowledge. “Good design costs as much as bad design. Innovative and creative marketing campaigns not only grasp the attention of your target customer in a saturated market, but also acquire valuable column inches, coverage and social media shares, which can increase brand awareness far beyond the initial target customer. 34. Throughout a brand’s life, the brand manager reports to higher level marketing staff about sales, how marketing strategies are affecting those sales, and how a brand can reach even more consumers.” – Brand Manager – The Career,, 12. There are a variety of educational paths that can lead to a career as a brand manager. “A good brand manager should be able to manage all the various aspects of a brand and should have a holistic approach in taking the brand forward. “Category managers will often have a competitive nature, and will thrive on being responsible for a specific product performing well and beating the competitors. A successful branding strategy will do more than make isolated sales that satisfy momentary customer needs; it will convince customers to associate a need with a product or company.” – Becoming a Brand Manager, Luxury brand management has been around for as long as the fashion industry, but the profession has only significantly grown in popularity in the last few decades. Said another way, brand management leads the strategic vision for the brand and how that vision is expressed in the marketplace. Coca-Cola, Nike, Hershey, BMW, Louis Vuitton – all are globally recognized brand names that evoke strong emotions and imagery around their products. “Many companies looking to restructure the important role of Brand Manager may look to promote from within and find an employee who has existing experience and market knowledge working closely with the brand – such was the case for GetSmarter Past Student, RJ Prinsloo when he became Brand Manager at The Kartal Distribution.” – How to Become a Brand Manager, GetSmarter; Twitter: @GetSmarter. They must continue to re-evaluate how their brand is seen in order to boost its value. Knowing when to tap into insider knowledge within the organization. “There are two factors that I have seen in a consistent manner: #1: They get what they need. “Many Brand Managers struggle with the transition from being the helper to being the owner. Brand managers are tasked with performing competitive analysis. Brand Management as a profession was once reserved for only the most influential brand names in very specific industries, but with the rise of new channels of communication and the ability of consumers to impact the perception of a brand, more organisations, across the full spectrum of industries, are identifying the value in effective brand management strategies as part of their … Data visualization. Brands need to set forth an image of helping out the greater good in some way. Secondly, it greatly enhances those employees’ interactions with customers and other team members…all of which builds the brand. A key part of your job as a brand manager is being able to drive change and push the brand’s agenda at all levels, both internally and externally. Brand managers need to have a strong grasp on current market trends. “Brand managers craft elegant business plans and submit them to senior management. Feel free to drop us a line any time. Your current job may even qualify as relevant experience for a marketing management position.” – Jess Mansour Scherman, How to Become a Marketing Manager: 3 Ingredients in the Recipe for Success, Rasmussen College; Twitter: @RASbusiness. Does it fascinate you how brands are built? I can think of 3 reasons why have you asked this question - 1. “Global consumer product companies offer MBAs highly attractive marketing opportunities, but are as equally demanding about who they hire to work on their world-class brands. In this guide, we’ll discuss: 1. The required skills can depend on the industry, company and job itself. Then, when the price of the key ingredient in their product goes through the roof because of locust plagues, they rewrite the business plan from scratch with many more contingencies. 9 skills every marketing manager needs to look for, The 3 most important Personal Branding skills to have, 14 Marketing Skills to Add to Your Resume This Year, Brand Manager Job Description, Qualifications, and Outlook.    But there are a few key skills that all brand managers will need to shine. “Since we live in a world where information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, consumers have multichannel access to brands. Alongside this, you’ll often need to analyse sales data, market research and campaign performance, to establish the best strategy and approach to improve brand performance and sales. What’s Involved in a Brand Management Career?    The ability to juggle myriad tasks and demands. The goal of a brand manager is to turn a product into a household name. 7 Characteristics of a Perfect Brand Manager, The 5 factors to being a great Brand Manager, 5 key skills you need for a Category Manager job, 10 Qualities of the Best Content Marketing Managers Today, Top 14 Skills and Qualities of a Successful Marketing Executiv. “Brand Mangers have the final word on the myriad components of the marketing, design and content of a product. It’s one thing to have the data point, but another to have thought it through and know what it means, and what action you will take on this data. Hear from trainers & corporates that leverage ProProfs for varied training requirements. Brand management: rate your branding skills (2008). If a brand manager cultivates personal habits of social responsibility, implementing this layer of brand identity becomes second nature. “Brand managers must stay on top of industry trends in marketing and consumer psychology. “Marketing professionals may find it glamorous working for big names within the FMCG sector. Do you have ideas and opinions to contribute to building brands? Quite often, the difference between brand-management success and failure comes down to the full-contact sport known as branding. One such option is outsourcing your tasks to an agency that specializes in such procedures. 4. Understanding of consumer needs and behaviour; Strong analytical ability – analyse data, develop insights etc. Cookies They should be aware of the latest trends in the market and must come up with ideas for new packaging designs, including shape, size, colors, fonts and imagery. Not everyone is born with a deep sense of empathy. Your credibility is at stake during a presentation, so be prepared to answer questions and be concise with your PowerPoint slides and vocals. So, you’ll need to have an intrinsic understanding of your target consumer. MBA students looking to get into brand management need to display not only the requisite leadership, team work, creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills, but also the deep passion and energy for the brands they will ultimately be promoting to the world. And others focus specifically on growing market share and brand equity. as well as foreseeing possible opportunities or hindrances to take the brand forward. Strong presentation skills are a clear path for leadership, which corresponds to management.” – Daniel Schawbel, The 3 most important Personal Branding skills to have, Social Media Today; Twitter: @DanSchawbel, @socialmedia2day.

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