brand strategy framework

Define your tone of voice to set guidelines for how you want to sound to your target audience. Watch our animated “infomatic” (as we call it) to learn how employee advocacy impacts your company’s branding and marketing reach. HubSpot put some examples together of great style guides for inspiration. But, I always find value with including our own version of the term to get on the same page. Corporate Branding: The overall company must have its own brand that people acknowledge of trustworthiness, quality, and usefulness. 65% reported increased brand recognition. In terms of my own approaches to marketing, I have reasonably good instincts but nothing resembling formal training. Ante, Driver and Reassurance Product Benefits Explained. Our consultants use a customer-driven, collaborative approach to improve business results. What a brand framework is not, is a manual or guideline document outlining the usage of your brand assets. This encompasses the activities that are most closely aligned to your current business. Product Branding: If your company makes individual products or separate services that may vary, those too must have their own established brands. Here is a framework that your company needs to apply when developing the brand strategy. Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in your overall marketing plan, but it is important because your brand identity is communicated frequently and consistently in multiple ways throughout the life of your business. EquiBrand is a top strategic marketing, branding and innovation consulting firm. Brand strategy work seems really complicated—and it shouldn’t be. The four themes are as follows: By relating your brand to a product, you understand those tangible things consumers want - price point, quality etc. Next in line for the key elements of a brand strategy are your brand's marketing goals. Having a clear vision helps you in determining your goals for growth, and will directly influence your business decisions. With the way information is consumed in our digital world, companies can no longer rely on advertisements as the most valued or trusted form to distribute the brand. An effective branding process creates a unique identity that differentiates you from the competition and can be the heart of a competitive strategy. Even for a small business, this can be dangerous. Describing your brand as if it was a person, will help you form opinions and attitudes and therefor build relationships with like-minded audience. If you are interested in inquiring about EquiBrand’s brand consulting services, please contact us for more information. There are a lot of different brand strategies and approaches your company can take. First, you need to know why you’re in business and talk about it to rally your team and foster connection with your audience. But in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another, but having a defining purpose," explains Allen Adamson, chairman of the North America region of brand consulting and design firm … Monitor as needed, but focus more on what your company is doing and how the brand can continually grow. It is simply the WHY behind what you do as a brand, aside from the obvious reason — making money. Without their support, your brand may struggle to grow, reach new audiences, drive top talent, and build trust among potential consumers. Think of it as setting the pathway for everyone else who is going to work with the brand. Below are steps taken within the Aaker model to produce a brand strategy -  I have simplified the process and I am just giving an overview, but hopefully this gives enough information to illustrate the usefulness of a model such as this to create and manage brands. A personal brand builds your trust, showcases your knowledge, and establishes your professional reputation. Branding is as identifiable to your customers as your face is to friends and family. 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. A brand framework is a conceptual structure that serves as a supporting tool that guides the creation and management of brand assets - it acts as a starting point and frame of reference for the creation of all brand communications, be that a positioning message, how a printed brochure is designed, how a tweet is composed, or how a sales person talks to a customer over the phone. By not clearly defining and knowing this, your brand could be all wrong. (Weber Shandwick). At the very basic level the must-have elements would include brand purpose, audience and personality. Without doing this research and answering some important questions, your company brand may design, create, and say the same things that a bunch of other similar brands have already established. Join our group of 27,000+ digital marketing, sales, hr, & comms professionals. As previously mentioned, this has been a very simplified overview of one particular brand framework process but I hope that this taste has been enough to show that by producing and working within a brand framework  the following should become clear: By producing a brand strategy in such a way the creation of supporting brand assets and the creation of campaigns and advertising - all can be based upon your framework making sure that all brand communications are coherent and consistent. The tone in which a brand speak to its customers will vary from brand to brand. Your company image is all about the appearance of your packaging. If you manufacture widgets, your company needs to be about manufacturing widgets, but you also can be about more than just that. Purpose: This explains why you are in business and the specific customer needs you fulfill.…, Gartner: CMOs prioritize brand strategy amid pandemic-related budget cuts… via @marketingdive, Copyright 2000 - 2020 EquiBrand Consulting | All Rights Reserved. Why should people trust your brand? Brand Tagline; The brand strategy framework comprises of 3 sections with 3 elements in each one, totaling in 9 branding exercises. But more importantly, these questions help you differentiate your company’s brand and how to position yourself better against the competition. How to Make Your Small Business a Large Business, How to Determine Who Your Audience Is and Focus Your Target Market, 10 Questions You Need to Answer to Create a Powerful Marketing Plan, Follow These 8 Steps to Create Your Business Identity and Brand Image, Steps to an Effective Food or Beverage Product Positioning Statement, The Balance Small Business is part of the. If your packaging doesn't uniquely represent your ​business, change your packaging. That said, I know when something is awful. A big piece to ensuring your brand is consistent, is to develop and agreeable style guide that is used throughout. Scandinavia Standard's presentations from The Hive conference in Berlin, including branding your channels and the Business Model Canvas, as well as lessons learned. The following branding concepts are included: Brand image, brand identity, value proposition, brand positioning and brand architecture. Below, we’ll dive into a few areas of brand strategy: Of course, if you are familiar with developing a brand strategy, the definition might be a bit redundant.

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