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Each Chinese character in the poem carries the meaning beyond their own. The height of Chinese poetry is said to be during the Tang dynasty, when scholars even had to study poems to the pass the imperial exam! However, flowers might shred tear of sorrow during this unstable time. Which is the best season to travel in China? Also, in Chinese culture, red beans symbolize “missing someone” and thus has a another name as “yearning beans” (相思豆, Xiāngsī dòu). The last 15 years of his life were full of difficulties and hardship because of An LuShan’s rebellion that left constantly on the move. These red beans grow only in the southern part of the country. Chinese Poem 春夜喜雨/Chūn yè xǐyǔ/ “Happy Rain on a Spring Night” by Du Fu, Translation of Chinese Poem 春夜喜雨/Chūn yè xǐyǔ/ “Happy Rain on a Spring Night” by Du Fu. A good rain knows the season (when to rain). While he was drunk, his strongly felt helpless about his demotion. Chinese Poem 相思/Xiāngsī/ Yearning by Wang Wei, Translation of Chinese poem 相思/Xiāngsī/ Yearning by Wang Wei. Du Fu wrote a lot of poems while he was staying in Chengdu city. The earliest existing collection of Chinese poetry, Shi Jing (Book of Songs), dates back to as early as the 11 th century B.C.E., but the history of Chinese poetry may be even longer than that. This poem describes the red beans that grow in the southern part of China. The Basics of Chinese Character Writing – In Under 12 Minutes, Learn Chinese Through Famous Classical Poems. For they are what one yearns for most. Just like successful Li Bai and Du Fu, Wang Wei has his well-known title “The Buddhist of Poem” (诗佛). Li Bai, Du fu and Wang Wei are the three of the most influential Chinese poets. Sam has lived in Beijing, Suzhou, Taipei, and even Boston! A letter from family is as valuable as ten-thousand pieces of gold. In fact, the Tang dynasty is still known as the golden age of Chinese poetry. I suppose it is frost on the ground. Though much poetry was written in the eras following the Song Dynasty (960-1279), it is thought that the poets became increasingly erudite, academic and esoteric so that modern Chinese can't appreciate the style and meaning. There are light cloud and drizzle of the rain around the pavilion. Chinese poems play a great role in Chinese history and Chinese literature. 李白 would go on to create close to 1,000 poems in his lifetime, capturing the political landscape and the natural beauty of China in elegant prose.床前明月光,(Chuáng qián míng yuè guāng,) 疑是地上霜。(yí shì dì shàng shuāng.) Li Bai is also known as “Immortal Poet”, or “Shixian” (诗仙) in Chinese. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, Complete Fluent in Mandarin Learning Pack, Chinese Culture Conversations (intermediate), Chinese Sentence Mastery (high-beginner/intermediate), Mandarin Tones Mastery (beginner/intermediate), Plug and Play Cantonese Chit Chat (beginners), Family; letter; worth; ten thousand; metal. The Du Fu cottage where he wrote most of his poems can still be visited in the west gate of Chengdu city. Being drunk, I do not notice it is becoming dark outside. Most Chinese people are familiar with these 3 poets from school. Translating Chinese poems into English poses all sorts of challenges and many eminent American and English poets (for example Ezra Pound ) have spent considerable time developing fine translations. Chinese poems is at the core of the China’s culture. Most of his works are famous for his detailed attention to natural landscapes. Chinese Poem 春望/Chūn wànɡ/ “Spring View” by Du Fu, Translation of Chinese Poem 春望/Chūn wànɡ/ “Spring View” by Du Fu. 举头望明月,(Jǔ tóu wàng míng yuè,) 低头思故乡。(dī tóu sī gù xiāng. The falling flowers fill the folds of my clothes. “Thoughts in the Silent Night” was written by famous Tang Dynasty poet 李白 (Lǐbái). There are only a few people nearby and birds are also far off in the sky. This is a poem that shows an old man’s sorrow for his unstable country because of the An Lushan’s rebellion. Almost every native Chinese people know about this poem as they have to learn and memorize it in school. Chinese Poem 自遣/zì qiǎn/ “Self Amusement” by Li Bai, Translation of 自遣/zì qiǎn/ “Self Amusement” by Li Bai. This poem is about the poet’s feeling for the rain and how he welcomes it. Chinese poems often get skipped over when learning Chinese as a second language because there are so many other more imminent, practical things you have to learn! 王维 was born in Qi county of the Shanxi province in 701. The poem expresses the poet’s loneliness, nostalgia, and homesickness as he gazes at the bright moon. Let’s spend some time now to get to know these poets and explore some of their masterpieces. Their poems are studied at Chinese school like how Westerners studied Shakespeare’s works. The very ancient poetry that was written a thousand or more years ago was simpler and about common things like love, romance and nature that people appreciate. However, then I could only lower my head because it reminds me of how much I miss my hometown. Birds are also startled and afraid because they have to part from their mates. The nation is broken (because of An Lushan rebellion), the mountains and rivers remain the same though. The flowers from the Chengdu city are weighed down by the rain (brocade city = Chengdu city). As a matter of fact, famous ancient poets created their great poems when they were demoted and sent away far from their hometown. Many poems contain allusions to people and events from Chinese history, and that makes understanding poems a challenge to non-Chinese. He was born in 701 in Jiangyou, Sichuan. Wang Wei started off as the Deputy master of music and slowly became Chancellor of the Tang court. He was a friend with the another great poet, Du fu, who also lived in Sichuan. A Quatrain in Summer — by Li Qingzha Each Chinese character in the poem carries the meaning beyond their own. However, this dream was never fully accomplished due to his personality and multiple exam failures. He died in Chang-an, Shaanxi province in 761. The Tang Dynasty was the golden age of Chinese poem when Chinese poems prospered the most. Li Bai wrote this poem during his demotion. On the contrary of Du Fu, Wan Wei succeeded in becoming a government official. This is the most famous poem among Li Bai’s creation. If you are interested in Chinese culture and literature, then you can’t afford to ignore exploring Chinese poetry. Developing and metamorphosing for thousands of years, Chinese poetry is like a beautiful and fathomless ocean that Chinese-speaking people couldn’t help but keep being drawn to. I can see a lonely brightness from the boat on the river. It moistens all things with its touch. He is also very famous for being a drunkard poet. During the rebellion, he avoided serving the insurgents by pretending to be deaf. Wang Wei was one of the third of the three most admired poets of the Tang dynasty. Poetry is held in high regard in Chinese literature and can be dated back to as early as the 1st millennium BC. They flourish and branch out when the spring comes. I raise my head to look at the beautiful scenery of the bright moon. This poem is one of them. During this springtime, the grass and the trees in the city grow thick and green. However, he was eventually forced tand given a brief punishment when the country was restored. You can see how Li Bai perfectly capture the loneliness and homesickness on a full moon night with just four simple sentences. The book contains all four texts of each poem (simplified Chinese, pinyin, gloss and translation). Wang Wei was known not only for poems but also his paintings. He was wealthy and also known for his generosity. When spring arrives, it brings life to nature.The rain follows the wind secretly into the night. I scratched my head so much that my grey hairs become thin. As you can see, Chinese literature are really amazing, especially the poems. He was born in Gongxian, Henan province in 712 and died on a riverboat between Danzhou (Changsha) and Yueyang in Hunan province in 770. Text of Chinese Poem 静夜思/Jìng yè sī/ “Quiet Night Thoughts” by Li Bai, Translation of Chinese Poem 静夜思/Jìng yè sī/quiet; night; thought by Li Bai. Historically, China has groomed many insightful, poetic, and highly introspective individuals who wrote poems that till this day, we’re still studying in schools, like our Intensive Mandarin Course.They have famous poets such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, who produced poems that have great impact on the Chinese culture. Chinese Poem 书事/Shū shì/Book; matter by Wang Wei, Translation of Poem 书事/Shū shì/Book; matter by Wang Wei. The beacon fire has burnt for 3 months in a row. Yet, it makes no sound. )English Translati… This poem is the first poem of ancient anthology Shijing, the earliest collection of Chinese poems comprising 305 works of the Zhou Dynasty (1122-256 B.C.). Chinese Proverbs on Nature (34 Proverbs) Living at a river, one comes to know the nature of the fish therein; Dwelling by a mountain, ... Inspirational Stories - Poems - Quotes. Copyright 2020 Fluent in Mandarin, all rights reserved. This poem is one of Li Bai’s most famous drunkard poems. The poet portrayed the red beans as something everyone will like and yearn for in the poem. These poem can describe the poet’s feelings and nature with just a few words. Li Bai’s poems reflect a romantic and peaceful view of life. The printing from the new publisher (lulu) is good quality, and larger pages compared to the previous edition allow improvements in the layout - most poems fit on to two facing pages for comparison of the texts. What are the benefits of learning Chinese? This poem is another poem about the poet’s feeling on one dark, drizzling day. Chinese poems play a great role in Chinese history and Chinese literature. Du Fu and Li Bai are both influential that their names are combined and well-known as “Li-Du” (李杜). Most of his poems explore themes of friendship, nature, passing time, longing, and wine drinking. 李白 is one of the most famous poets of the Tang Dynasty. It also portrays Li Bai’s deep feelings of loneliness since there’re only wine, flower, bird and moon as company. Now it can’t even hold a hairpin. Du Fu’s lifelong dream was to serve as a great civil servant for his country.

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