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var domain = ""; document.write(''); document.write(''); var domain = ""; All the varieties we sell are hardneck except Inchelium Red. Weed regularly! Susan is very picky about clove size and only plants the largest. You will have to experiment to see what works better for you, but as an example, we might feed the garlic a tablespoon of bloodmeal per plant once a month from April to July or a big handful of composted chicken manure once a month from April to July. Bulbs //output //output White, Romanian Red, Chesnok Red, metechi, Pehoski Purple, Persian Star, 208-260-8966 *Plan on a 400-600% increase of your planting stock (i.e., if you plant 10 lbs of garlic you will usually get a 40-60 lbs of garlic bulbs at harvest). Harvest: 4-7 hours Groton, NY 13073 var user = "MrHugick"; //output Seasonal Sales , Garlic Gods // -->, Garlic King of Montana some non-certified organic garlic from my family. document.write(''); 570-966-1785 Purple Glazer, Red Grain, Russian Giant, Vietnamese Red and Elephant Garlic. We recommend supporting regional producers. Minimum Order: 1/4# / Quantity Discount Minimum Order: none 42 Durfee Road We take the right amount of time needed to prepare our garlic for sale and shipping to you. // -->, Prairie Seed Garlic Cost of storage space You can also use hay, chopped leaves, or another fluffy, insulating mulch. Check out our Seed Catalog to view all the different garlic varieties we grow (including prices) or go to our Pricing page to see available discounts. NOTE: The Foundation does not sell garlic … Inchelium Red, Oregon Blue Shallots: Dutch Red, , Squared Roots Farm As your bulbs/cloves get bigger there is typically less waste. Varieties: Bai Pi Suan, Bogatyr, Brown Rose, Bzenc, Jovak, Khabar, Monshanskij, Rocamboles are good all-around garlics for folks who want to have some smaller cloves too, not just the monsters that porcelain garlics yield! document.write(''); Minimum Order: none / Quantity Discount 2 Hemlock Terrace We use organic straw (it's more expensive than hay, for example, but has fewer weed seeds, which is a definite plus for us). //output Cut the scape off as soon as they start to curl, and cut them just above where the top leaves part. Zemo Purple Stripe: Chesnok Red Marbled Purple Stripe: Russian Red, Metechi Visit Website, Seasonal Sales acre or less of exceptional quality seed garlic and most of us having 406-752-4968 We used to trade small green garlic to neighbors in exchange for delicious canned goods and tamales! We plant our garlic with an average of 9" around each plant - we have rows 10" apart and plants 8" apart in the row. Let us suppose we need 50 pounds of garlic cloves to plant: It takes us 600 square feet to plant 50 pounds of Siberian garlic* (we plant in 4 x 50 feet beds of approximately 600 cloves so this is 3 large beds). The different fertilizers have different amounts of nitrogen; bloodmeal has about 4 times the nitrogen compared to composted chicken manure, but it doesn't have any phosphorus or potassium. On average, to grow 200 extra pounds of garlic (to sort for 100 pounds of large seed cloves) you will need to plant an extra 50 lbs of garlic. It is worthwhile to spend a little more to have peace of mind. document.write(''); //variables Pungent flavor that mellows when cooked. How to cultivate:In the spring, remove the mulch from on top of the plants so they can get sunlight as soon as possible. Our locally-adapted, high quality seed garlic is tested by the University of Maine to be free of white rot, bloat nematode, and botrytis, and certified organic by MOFGA. Choose from softneck garlic bulbs, hardneck garlic bulbs, and elephant garlic. Softneck: Early Italian, Susanville, Lorz Italian, Inchelium Red, Year Round Sales Vernalisation is a process used to stimulate natural garlic plant vigour and natural garlic plant health resulting in a premium Garlic bulb. Bulbs, Garlic Products Bulbs, Braids 19079 487th Ave Loss of profit for alternative crops we could plant in that space If instead of cloving the garlic for seed, you sold that 100-150 lbs hardneck garlic bulbs to a restaurant for $10/pound you would make $1,000-$1,500. var domain = ""; Visit Website, Year Round Sales out), Dirt Goddess Super Seeds & Garlic To learn more about our use of cookies, as well as the categories of personal information we collect and your choices, please read our Privacy Policy. Farm 834 Hicks Road We use bloodmeal, fishmeal, and composted chicken manure most frequently, although you can certainly use other fertilizers. var user = "longdaysfarm99";

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