dog sentence for class 1

You can use these points to speak about dogs, in your class or while discussing with your friends. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your speech and extempore in the competition of your school or it can also be used as a topic for your paragraph recitation in class: 1) By waging its tail, a dog shows its love and affection towards its owner. 1) I have a pet dog, and its name is Jimmy. CK 1 250774 My dog is white. His motto for life: Hard work, Sincerity and Dedication are the keys to success. Mother is …….. … the kitchen. 4) They have four legs and one tail and they produce a “bark”, “woof” and “sniff” sound. 1) I have a pet dog, and its name is Jimmy. The cat is………….. the chair 2. He loves to write on topics related to the social and geopolitical world. 2) The good built and fade white colour makes it look unique among other dogs in our society. Dogs are very faithful to its owner and never go against to him in any situation. 2) They have been the man’s best companions since millenniums and are called “Man’s best friend”. Let's read about it through the sets of 10 lines below. 6) In countries like South Korea and China dogs are used and even domesticated as a source of meat. 9) She welcomes me in the evening and shows her affection by licking my feet. 9. You can use these points whenever you are asked to speak or write a couple of lines on dogs. 6. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. make him happier, and he doesn’t like sitting idle. 7. CK 1 508844 The dog is dead. Among them, a dog is such an animal which you can find as a pet in most of the houses. The boy is standing ………….the bench. It looks very beautiful. 1) Pet dogs are the best companions and help in reducing our stress. 2) It is of Pomeranian breed and two years old. 4) Apart from domesticated dogs, there are also stray dogs found near human settlements in the world. He likes writing blogs, articles on various Social, Environmental, Technical, Political topics, etc topics. 3) They are playful, friendly and loyal to humans and they listen and understand them. 10 Lines on My Pet Dog10 Lines on My Pet Animal. it eats both meat and other food items. They are one of the most selfless creatures and just love to be around their owners. The dog is a very helpful pet animal. 2. 3) She is white with light brown stripes on her back. The lines have been written in simple language using easy vocabulary in order to keep it simple yet impressive. 1) My pet dog's name is Tommy, and he is of Labrador breed. Due to their presence no one could break into the house. 7) Stray dogs are caught for “dog-meat” and people from different parts of the world eat them. Since ages, they have served as the pet animals of households. 9. Its colour is 6) Though Sheru is fierce, he is friendly too. 6) She loves to take a bath, especially in the summer and sleeps in the bathroom the whole day in case of extreme heat waves. 3) They are playful, friendly and loyal to humans and they listen and understand them. It runs very fast, barks loudly and attacks the strangers. 8. They assist humans in their day to day works. 8) She likes to wear a sweater during winter and feels cosy in it. 9) Sheru is very protective of us and attacks anyone who tries to misbehave or harm us. Sitemap 7) He chases all the stray dogs that tend to enter our house. The cat is………….. the chair My pen is …….. my pocket. Your email address will not be published. His articles are serving best to the students as he always put his best efforts. Dogs are the best pet animals to keep. 10) Rex is an integral part of our family and always stays with us wherever we go. The dog is a very faithful animal in the world.It has two eyes, two ears, four thin legs and sharp teeth. The chair is made ……… steel. Demo Videos Note: Discount Not Available For IFRS Course, NCERT & CBSE Class 1 English Worksheet for Practice Preposition, Tricks To Solve Missing Letters Series Quickly, CBSE & NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Nutrition in Plants. Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals. I go to school …….. bus. Become Affiliate 2. 2. Dogs is omnivorous i.e. The book is ……….. you. CK 1 2380207 I love hot dogs. 3) Dogs are referred to as the man’s best friend because the friendly and caring relation they both share. Dogs are very loyal creature made by god; they are the best friends of human beings. 3) He loves our family members but is aggressive to strangers. 3) Labradors are a very intelligent and smart breed of dogs hence used in various security agencies. 3) People love to go on a walk with their dogs and play with them in gardens. 10) Everyone in our family and neighbourhood is fond of Tommy, and we all love him very much. Ltd. All rights reserved. They are the friends of men who are always loyal to them in their good or bad times, and what they need is just a small piece of bread and lots of love. The mouse is ………..the ball. 4. Nowadays, in many societies having dogs of foreign breed is considered as status symbol. 4) He protects our house especially during nights, and no one dares to come in front of him. 8) He also helps us in finding balls which we lose while playing cricket. They help people in many household works. 10 Lines on Dog 10) Stray dogs are caught by the local municipal authority and are vaccinated and sterilized. 5) Tommy also easily gets along with my other pet dogs which are of different breeds. 2) The loyalty of dog makes it a “man’s best friend”. 7) Bite from an unvaccinated dog could lead to a serious life threatening infection called rabies. You can also use these lines to write 10 lines on dog for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4: These lines will also help you to answer most common questions like why dog is called as man’s best friend, can dog see colours, what is the average life of a dog, what is a group of dogs called, how many breeds of dog exist in world, what is female dog called, what a dog eats, what are baby dogs called, how a dog shows its affection, what are stray dogs etc. 5. 2) Dogs help in many roles to human in hunting, protecting, assisting police and army etc. Ram and sham are standing ……….. a building. 4) They have four legs and one tail and they produce a “bark”, “woof” and “sniff” sound. 7) She is generally well-behaving but naughty at times. 8) Rex spends most of his time near coolers during the summer. 3. A dog resembles very much to wolf and was originally bred from it. 2) The loyalty of dog makes it a “man’s best friend”. Their honesty and loyalty have no match. 8) A dog’s life span in domestication ranges from 12-14 years while stray dogs live much lesser. 2) He is three years old, huge built, brown-coloured German shepherd dog. 9) Domestic dogs can moderate their bites, which plays an essential role in their socialization. Learn the concepts of Preposition with animated videos, click English Class 1 for demos. 3. GST As Applicable Extra*. It lives in owner house and watches the house. 8) People from north-eastern part of India are fond of dog- meat. 2) Dog warns its master of strangers and intruders, using its exceptional hearing and smelling abilities. before            for              near               on           with. 4) She looks very cute and adorable and is favourite of every family member. 3) Ancient nomadic groups taking dogs on hunting expedition had more chances to be successful. The child is hiding …………. 6) Dogs are known to be involved from wolves some twenty thousand years back. 9) A group of three or more dogs is called as “pack”. Rohit, is a Post Graduate in Computer Science and has many years of writing experience. The teacher writes ………the blackboard. This will be useful if you have to write simple sentences on dog, essay on my pet dog, my favourite animal, few lines about dog etc. Dogs are very useful animals and considered as the protector of households wherever they are kept. Due to their qualities and functions they are considered as best pets of human. kebukebu 1 59419 This dog is big. 5) They act as guard of the house because they do not let any unknown person to enter the house. 2) It is of Pomeranian breed and two years old. Animated videos for learning concepts, activity games and worksheets for practice for all subjects are available for Class 1. at                    by                in                 of              to My house is …….. the post office. 1) Dogs have been one of the earliest animals domesticated by humans. It is a very clever animal and is very useful in catching thieves. 5) Dogs are trained and used by humans for various purposes like herding, guarding and hunting etc. For More Information Talk To Our Sales Executive. For details kindly visit, Your email address will not be published. CK 1 2549471 Tom fed the dog Apart from this, they are helpful for human in many ways. We are in NEWS 1. He believes that a change starts from within and if you want to change something it has to start from you. 10) She is more than a family member to us, and everyone loves her. Dog is a domestic animal and not of wild nature, it is the first animal which is living and tamed by the humans for a very long time.

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