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Japanese discount retail chain Don Don Donki from the Don Quijote Group occupies two storeys in Orchard Central's basement, in a 1,397 sqm space packed full of Japanese goodies. DON DON DONKI. 1F. 10 Things to Buy at Don Don Donki. It also features a focused range of home and living products, toys plus a wide range of health and beauty products, as well as Pan Pacific International Holdings Group’s (former Don Quijote Holdings Group) original brand – Jonetsu Kakaku - which translates as ‘Passionate Price’, offering a range of imported products with the promise of affordability without compromising on quality. 10 Tokyo Activities For Young Tourists To Finish In 48 Hours – Lya Susanto, Hidden Ueno Side Street – Ten Minute Tokyo, 10 Tokyo Activities For Young Tourists To Finish In 48 Hours, Japanese Manhole covers T-shirts from 47Regions. When DonDon Donki opened its first outlet at Orchard Central in December 2017, everyone was talking about this new Japanese supermarket. The internationally loved Japanese discount retailer came up with DON DON DONKI, a new store concept for Southeast Asia selling products only made in Japan or of Japanese concept. I would like to say you can buy everything, because that’s what it seems like when you are browsing the stores hour after hour. Japan lover Rilakkuma for life, one of many stores dedicated…. After visiting Japan a few times I was hooked.Read more». It was late at night, like 12:30am I think, and we just saw loads of neon light and the Don Quijote penguin mascot Donpen. You have probably heard of those ridiculously-expensive fruits in Japan? Most of these Japanese sheet masks uses natural ingredients so it is better for the skin. On our first trip to Tokyo we must have gone into that particle store almost everyday and we would check out one floor at a time. Just Co then changed from retail over to wholesale after a couple years of business. © 2019-2020 Ramble Tumble All Rights Reserved, If you have any questions, suggestions, partnership and collaboration ideas, please send me an email to, Details of all 3 Don Don Donki outlet in Singapore can be found. Japanese love to shop and one of the biggest and best discount stores you can find throughout Japan, with its 160 stores, is Don Quijote. About Don Quijote. If you go near the closing time, you will be able to get the sashimi at a reduced price. Japanese discount retail chain Don Don Donki from the Don Quijote Group occupies two storeys in Orchard Central's basement, in a 1,397 sqm space packed full of Japanese goodies. The stores are also known as Donki, which is a shortening of the company’s name. We soon learned that the best times were early in the morning, around 10am, or late at night after 10pm. In the store you get to listen to the store’s own theme tune, playing on a loop, called “Miracle Shopping” (ミラクルショッピング?) You can also buy premium The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey ($168) and The Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey aged 12 years ($428). Some images are the property of their respective copyright holder. With over 160 outlets in Japan and the USA, the Singapore store marks Don Quijote's first Southeast Asian outlet. Don Quijte also operates three stores in Hawaii. Don Don Donki carries many Japanese face masks not commonly found in Singapore. Super cute kawaii There is Sake Tokusen Soyoutikubai 720ml ($30), Sake Hakuturu 720ml ($32) and Sake Hakkaizan 720ml ($42) to name a few. Our official DON DON DONKI Membership App not only deliver you news of our latest events and promotions, it will also provide you hassle-free management of your membership with us.. Download now and start earning dMiles to …

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