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It also has notes of fudge, raisins and prunes, to balance the bittersweet apples. Fruits with more natural sugar will contribute to this. Sheppy’s are one of the oldest premium craft cider-making families in the UK having been around over 200 years. This vibrant red cider is definitely for those with a sweet tooth. A wild departure from the traditional idea of a cider, this interesting 6.1% ABV cider take the classic flavor combination apples and ginger and puts it through the ringer. All rights reserved. This offering from the Oregon-based ciderhouse boasts a beefy 10.5% ABV, is aged with brandy-cured Oregon white oak, and has just a hint of honey sweetness and notes of vanilla. For example, do you go traditional apple, pear or perhaps something more fruity? Ace Space Bloody Orange While Ace is indisputably one of the biggest brands in the cider-making business, that doesn’t mean they’re inherently bad. On Offer. We’ve ranked the best of the best of cider below to give you some idea where to start. It’s a medium dry vintage cider made only in a limited batch using Red Falstaff, Katy and Windsor apples from their orchards in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. After all, it's always good to spice up that pub order every now and then. That’s probably because apple and bourbon go really well together. This one from the Seattle Cider Company is one of the best, offering the flavor you’d expect to get biting into a fresh crisp apple rather than some kind of awful apple candy. But sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. These Newton-Spitzenberg hybrids are pressed into a juice and aged 6 months before the cider goes to market, resulting in an 8.2% ABV and just a hint of citrus on the tail end of the flavors. For starters, it is made from blood oranges, giving it a distinct citrusy bite. The Herefordshire-based cider may only have been around since April last year, but it has already carved a space for itself within the fruit cider market. This cider is made from Dabinett apples grown in Somerset that give it an extra sweetness. This may be because the orchard is a mere five minutes away from the farm. © Copyright 2020 The Stylist Group. Vegan; Browse; Beer, Wines & Spirits; Cider; Fruit Cider; Back Fruit Cider (48) 48 products . No.7 is a mellow and sparkling cider by Crafty Nectar, the UK’s first craft cider subscription box. Distilled by Nosotros Tequila, it's made from 100% de agave tequila añejo. This 6% ABV bourbon flavor-laced hard apple cider offers a crisp bite with a nice smokey finish and it isn’t bogged down by a lot of the sugars included in its bourbon-with-apple counterparts. The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals revealed: your ultimate Black Friday savings guide. A beer a day to see you through to Christmas. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made exclusively from the juice of apple or pear. Still, this 5.2% ABV cider – which is made exclusively from apples grown in the brand’s home state of Vermont – might surprise you with its crisp clean drinkability. If you’re one of the hold-outs who is afraid of breaking away from your go-to India Pale Ale, this 6% ABV brew is as good of a stepping stone as you’re going to get, as it is made with the very same Oregon-grown Cascade hops that are so popular amongst beer brewers. Producers of a number of brands including Gaymer's Olde English Cider, Belgian Brewer, marketed as a Belgian style cider, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 14:52. Namely, a lot of bourbon brands have been incorporating apples into their products. A breathable, four-way stretch construction made from nylon and recycled polyester. It also doesn’t help that so many of the “grocery store” brands load up their low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) ciders with sugar in the hopes of making them more consumer-friendly – when in reality, they’re compromising the integrity of the beverage. While this Montmorency sour cherry flavored cider, which has an ABV of 6.99%, is delicious enough to warrant drinking, it also comes loaded with vitamins and antioxidants – in case you needed any convincing or just a good excuse to have one. To clarify, cider is “the expressed juice of fruit used as a beverage or for making other products,” according to Merriam-Webster. Grey Heron by Perry's uses Redstreak and Dabinett apples and has a lovely sweet taste. Fruity Cider:Enhance Your Cider with Fruit Using fruit other than apples in hard cider is common and adds great additional flavor. In fact, the California-based brand still produces beverages without adding any extra sugar, instead relying only on the natural sweetness of the fruits they use. That’s because dry ciders lack the off-putting sweetness that has given the beverage a bad name. The brand is 100% recyclable and has partnered up with animal charity WWF to help raise funds and awareness to protect natural habitats. And, it’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. But they also produce this entry-level cider made from organically grown apples. As the brand’s flagship beverage, one would expect it to hit all the drink’s main points without veering too far off the path. UPDATED: The best beer subscription boxes revealed - great beer delivery options. Some of the more common fruit selections are pear, cherry, peach and pineapple. Best beer advent calendars: let the Xmas countdown begin! Named in honour of a forefather’s success at the Imperial Fruit Show in 1921, every year Aspall’s craft a special vintage. Other options include mixed berries, blueberry, mango, blackberry. Something to note though is adding sweetness to your drink can make it more alcoholic. Maybe that’s because most people grew up with the Martinelli’s non-alcoholic variety. If you want a basic example of cider done right, this is the one to try. It could also be that, unlike the current beer trend that hinges on big bold characteristics, good cider flavors function more like those in wine and range from subtle to tart. Filter. Made with only 100% Golden Delicious apples, Sxollie is gluten-free and suitable for vegans. However, there is nothing stopping you from using other options, or mixing them to find a great […] Made with a combination of California cactus pears and Thai basil, you can expect a fair amount of tartness from this elixir, but it is still very refreshing and drinkable. Just be careful, cause the drinkability makes it easy to forget how hard this cider hits. HiConsumption was established by gearheads for gearheads as a modern day men’s lifestyle publication, uncovering the greatest products in adventure, tech, gear, automotive, and style. Makers of Cider Jack Herrljunga Cider: Herrljunga: Sweden K Cider: Bath: United Kingdom Kingstone Press Cider: United Kingdom Kopparbergs: Kopparberg: Sweden Magners Irish Cider (see Bulmers) Ireland Merrydown: East Sussex: United Kingdom Miłosławski Miłosław: Poland Made by Browar Fortuna: Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider New Zealand Locally made by Dominion Breweries This is where our best cider list comes in. Kopparberg; Strongbow; Rekorderlig; Old Mout; See more; Options. Sxollie, which roughly translates a scallywag or rascal, only uses 100% apples to make its cider, and the South African company describes itself as having “their roots in rural orchards” but their “heart and soul resides in the city” - a modern design for a simple, easy-drinking cider. Weston's (Henry Weston to give the full name) is Hereford and proud and has made something of a name for itself as a mass manufacturer of cider.

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