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They can be part of a line or stand-alone. Integral-Quench Furnaces The atmosphere must contain less than 50% of the LEL (lower explosion limit) before the furnace can be opened. The result is uniform case depth throughout a workload. IH Let’s start with a brief explanation of how the process works. Oops! All Rights Reserved BNP Media. 1. (in German). HKFurnace's heat treating furnaces are designed to operate in a totally automatic fashion as part of nitriding or nitrocarburizing system. 6. To increase throughput, the furnace could include two bases and retorts. Available floorspace, preferred handling methods (e.g., powered load-transfer cart, overhead crane, forklift truck) and the degree of flexibility and automation needed Pusher systems could include a washer, oxidation furnace, purge chamber, nitriding furnace, cooling zone, post-purge chamber and load/unload area. 9. If it stands alone, the furnace could include alloy skid rails to allow transferring loads in and out via forklift truck. Nitriding and nitrocarburizing can be accomplished in a wide range of batch-style furnaces, including pit, bell, box, integral-quench and tip-up. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) use the process-value data measured by electronic process-gas flowmeters, a pressure transducer and hydrogen analyzer to calculate the nitriding potential. This led to the development of the two-stage, or Floe, process named after its inventor, Dr. Carl Floe (U.S. Patent No. Since this temperature range is well above the auto-ignition temperature of endothermic gas, it is possible to safely use the burn-in technique when introducing the atmosphere. This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. Batch equipment is available in many configurations, including pit, bell, box and tip-up furnaces. By comparison, carburizing is typically performed at 1600-1750°F in an endothermic processing gas. 2. Gas Nitriding Furnaces are provided for temperature ranges from 150ºC to 700ºC. The nitriding process is typically performed when increased surface hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, fatigue strength or corrosion resistance are required. Because the compound layer can be brittle and could spall in service, it is desirable to minimize white-layer thickness. Classical Gas NitridingThis is a process for the enrichment of the surface with nitrogen in the temperature range between 480 and 550 °C within a process time of 12 to 96h.Gas NitrocarburisingThis is a process for the enrichment of the surface with nitrogen and carbon at a temperature of 570 to 580 °C within a process time of 2 to 10h.Post oxidation of one of the three processes mentioned aboveControlled oxidation of the surface can be realised immediately after a nitriding or nitrocarburising process. Gasbarre Pit Furnaces are available in numerous sizes and configurations, with features and options customized to your unique needs. Copyright ©2020. No matter which type of equipment is selected, it is also important that a forced-circulation system is included to obtain uniform results. Your submission has been received! Heating System Gas nitriding normally consists of one or two stages. To increase throughput, a system sometimes includes two removable retorts and two cooling stands. In nitriding … This type of furnace consists of a stationary base and tilting top (Fig. Ammonia, like endothermic gas, is extremely flammable. In contrast to the other types of batch nitriding furnaces, this furnace does not include a retort. All of these batch furnaces include some of the same essential features and are described below. For example, AMS 2759/10, “Automated Gaseous Nitriding Control by Nitriding Potential,” set forth three classifications, which clearly define the maximum white layer allowed. Tip-up Furnaces Atmosphere System Part size and weight, including critical tolerances The heating source can be located outside the retort if the furnace includes a retort. Visit our updated, Fig. System configuration: Single stand-alone furnace or part of system Selection of the right type of equipment is based upon part size, configuration and weight; cycle times, production rates and load sizes; process requirements; loading method; and system orientation, space limitations and orientation of existing equipment. In some instances, the retort is pulled, and an external cooling stand and blower arrangement are employed. Part configuration: Long parts would typically be processed vertically while small parts could be loaded into baskets for processing in either horizontal or vertical equipment Pit furnace line with removable retort, Fig. Process flexibility requirements: One specific part type with one specific recipe (time, temperature, nitriding potential) or multiple parts and/or multiple recipes Gasbarre’s complete line of Nitriding Furnaces is listed below. The first type includes a water-cooled heat exchanger and blower. You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 30 days. Load of the 1008 steel automotive transmission hubs after gas nitrocarburizing, Heat & Corrosion Resistant Materials / Composites, Commercial Heat Treat Capabilities Directory, Materials Characterization & Testing Equipment Directory, An Overview of Nitriding – Technology and Tribological Benefits, Fastener Industry Overview: Applications, Materials, Equipment, Fastener Industry Overview: Applications, Materials, Equipment (part 2), Principles of Gas Nitriding: The Nitriding Process (Part 1). High surface hardness and minimal distortion. By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. 8. Both batch and continuous equipment can be used for gas nitriding. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. Please click here to continue without javascript.. Grinding and Polishing of Sample Materials for Microstructural Analysis and Hardness Testing. A leak not only affects the nitride case but leads to potential safety concerns for the operators. 2,437,249), which reduces the amount of white layer. 1. In contrast, air must be purged out of the furnace prior to admission of ammonia into a nitriding furnace. One type of continuous furnace used for nitriding is a pusher-style. Depending on the chosen alloy, post oxidised parts can have a dark-grey or black colour.Plasma nitridingThis is a plasma supported process for the chemical modification of the metal surface by introduction of nitrogen and possibly carbon at temperatures in the range between 400 and 600 °C. Tell me how we can improve. For more information: Contact Patrick Weymer, sales and applications engineer, J.L. By closing this message or continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies. Becker – A Gasbarre Furnace Products Company, tel: 815-721-6467; e-mail: Widely used in the aerospace / military industry / auto parts / casting /automotive / aluminium extrusion / gears / tool & die / plastics and machinery industries. Has additive manufacturing had any impact on your business? Otherwise, it can be located in radiant tubes. tel: 630-834-3017; e-mail:; web:, Patrick Weymer is with J.L. Several types of gas nitriding equipment are available today, including pit, bell, box and tip-up furnaces. Dan Herring is president of THE HERRING GROUP Inc., which specializes in consulting services (heat treatment and metallurgy) and technical services (industrial education/training and process/equipment assistance). Typically, this type of furnace includes a stationary base, heating bell, cooling bell and retort. Such as, Crankshaft, dies, gears, extrusion molding machine screw, sucker rod, gun barrels, saw blades, fuel injectors, valve bodies, extrusion screws, nozzles. After mechanical preparation, the sample should be scratch-free, free from deformation, and ready for the microscope or hardness tester! Positioning the fan in the cover provides easier access for maintenance. We will provide the best service and price for our customers. The result is a part with increased surface hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, anti-galling properties and improved fatigue strength. A compound, or white, layer that consists of gamma prime and epsilon nitrides forms on a part’s surface during single-stage nitriding. In gas nitriding, nitrogen forms via a catalytic decomposition of ammonia (NH3) on the metal surface of a part according to equation 1. Nitriding is a process that involves diffusing nitrogen into a ferrous part’s surface. Selecting the optimum solution starts with gathering the following information: This information is used to help determine the load size, work-chamber size, equipment type and number of pieces of equipment. The focus of this article will be on batch equipment and the features essential to successful gas nitriding. 3. Other items to consider are the type of heating and cooling systems, manual or automatic dissociation, or nitriding-potential measurement and/or control. Several types of cooling systems are available for nitriding furnaces. In this case, the blower draws the atmosphere out of the furnace, through the heat exchanger and then forces the atmosphere back into the furnace. Gas flow must be carefully controlled to avoid air introduction into the system during load transfer. This configuration enables unloading and loading one chamber while the other retort is in the pit furnace. NFPA 86 also requires that combustible gas be purged out of a furnace at the end of a cycle. However, it does require quite a bit more ceiling height than a pit furnace. The furnace using ultra-energy structure, the industry's advanced of high-purity ceramic fiber insulation. Control of the dissociation rate or nitriding potential can be accomplished using either dissociated ammonia (75% hydrogen, 25% nitrogen) or 100% nitrogen. National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 86 “Standard for Ovens and Furnaces,” requires that the oxygen be less than 1% prior to admission of ammonia. As an alternative, manipulators like the one pictured in Figure 3 can be used. Control System To protect the seal, heat is normally removed from the area by water tracing. Better white-layer control has been reported when dissociated ammonia is used during the second and subsequent stages of nitriding. Furnace process. 1. ZeroFlow® – gas nitriding process Modern, energy-saving and ecological gas nitriding process used in HRN/VRN type furnaces.

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