gender inequality in the workplace statistics: uk

Facts about gender inequality in the workplace are clear. A poll by Young Women’s Trust in 2018 found: 23% of women at work have faced sexual harassment. ¾ all UK companies pay their male staff more than their female staff on average; The gender pay gap in the UK across full and part-time workers is 18.4%; In the UK, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women experience the largest pay gap at 26.2% To this day, the statistics make for uncomfortable reading. If you want to fix gender inequality in the workplace, you have to fight the problem at its roots. Only 8% of them have reported it. You need to implement company-wide policies that promote equity, you need to train executives and employees across all levels on biases and you need to engage the “privileged” group – men – in discussions on why gender balance is important. There are hundreds of companies and thousands of employees already signed up.. The biggest gender gap is at the first step up to manager: entry-level women are 18 percent less likely to be promoted than their male peers. On average, women are promoted at a lower rate than men. On average, women earn less than men in equivalent employment. Gender Inequality in the Workplace. This dossier presents a range of statistics and facts about gender inequality in the United Kingdom (UK). This gender disparity has a dramatic effect on the pipeline as a whole. The ranking has led to calls from employment experts for tougher rules tackling discrimination in the workplace, and for businesses to offer more flexible working opportunities and be more proactive in addressing gender inequality. Establish policies for fair pay and work/life balance, and ensure managers fully support them. Women experience a workplace skewed in favor of men. Think, Act, Report is a voluntary initiative to help improve gender equality in the workforce. The UK has slipped down a global ranking of gender equality, largely because of inequality in the workplace and a persistent gender pay gap. The gap between men and women's pay for full-time workers was 9.4% in April 2015, compared with 9.6% in 2014.

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