guy kawasaki pitch deck example

Objective: To provide a complete overview of the competitive landscape and address how you are different. The template is a simple, versatile and powerful slide structure you can use as a starting point for most decks. “For an entrepreneur, life’s a pitch!”—Guy Kawasaki. Grab the attention of your audience by showing the problem through an image or screenshot. And it makes sense to start with who you are. Objective: To give VCs a taste of your business and provide contact information for them to follow up, Include: Company name, your name and title, address, email and mobile phone number. The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch Deck from The Art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki created by Visually More about The Art of the St… Toronto: Penguin Canada. Your pitch deck should start with describing the problem your business intends to solve. The charitable interpretation, which was true in our case, is that the company’s team doesn’t know which one model will work. We have then summarized that advice on pitching investors into an easy to follow plan. In 60 second verbal elevator pitch version should be able to show “what you do, who you do it to and why I should care.” This is a brief investor pitch to spark interest in your business idea. As a consequence they are likely to take more of a personal interest in the founders and the business and be in a position to offer a more hands on role in advising the company. It is worth noting that fundraising from angels and venture capital is tough. If you want to impress your investors or sponsors, look for more Pitch Deck templates on Venngage. Include 1-3 revenue streams. You may unsubscribe at any time. In this section of the pitch deck you want to first identify and profile the customer you cater to. Check out Venngage for even more Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck redesigns. Mark Suster suggests you split the presentation 65:35 or 50:25:25 if you have three people. Include: Explain the problem, why is it a problem? Making people understand the underlying assumptions of your forecast is as important as the numbers you’ve fabricated. As Michael Wolfe says “starting with a brief snapshot helps ground people and head off questions.”. The CEO should act as the quarterback for the presentation and questions. Common mistakes: Including too much information that is difficult to take in and also steals the thunder of later slides. Others talk about alleviating a pain or, as Dave McClure puts it, ‘making your customers happy.’, This is the opportunity to show exactly why you have a business. White papers and objective proofs of concepts are helpful here. Never dismiss your competition. Show what type of product you are selling, include further information on the potential returns for investors. Download or edit this template FREE. Ideally you want to define the business idea in a single declarative sentence. As a consequence of this change in objective, the focus of the Series A pitch deck changes as well. If there are any parts (skill sets) of the management team that are missing, be sure to articulate a plan for filling those gaps. Fully editable slide deck. How it is being solved now and how can you solve it better? Common mistakes: Some pitches ignore this element or don’t understand what they should say. The 5-minute pitch should lead with the 60 seconds, “then go deeper.” A 15-minute pitch will be a full, high-level pitch and at 30 minutes it will be an extended pitch deck presentation with more detail. There is pretty strong consensus on this one. Why did it make our top 10 pitch decks? The slide said: ‘Find and contact the people you need through the people you already trust’.

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