how to set up singing pumpkins

CAUTION!! Wiring the switch wrong is even more of a danger when dealing with something that is going to be exposed to the elements. You can either set up a timer so that the program will play at a certain time each night or do it manually. I got mine at Walmart a few years back. Image 3 shows some wires in place.Image 4 is another angle of the relay board. That 's 8 for the pumpkins and 1 for the flicker bulbs that will run In standby mode. Connect the 1/4" stripped ends of the eight longer legs of your green wire spiders to the relay's C terminals. We bought ours at Target and Walmart. This Singing Pumpkins Effect to the classic rock song by Warren Zevon features a cool kenetic typographic effect. CAUTION!! on Introduction, THIS PROJECT DEALS WITH HIGH VOLTAGE. I was concerned that this would lead too a wire being pulled out of the terminal block. Technically, it will work on anything that runs on electricity. We're in the home stretch. (hardware store). 2. CAUTION!! Solder the 330ohm resistor so that both resistors are connected opposite of that transistor. The next pic show the jumper wires used to connect the positive( + ). You will want to connect the arduino and relay board to the adapter. However, it doesn't help you much if you want to do an electronics project like this. On the site, someone had made one of these singing pumpkin rigs, and Kerri decided that she wanted to make her own. It's the glue that holds together the gear of this whole operation. The real limitation on the power is the circuit board. Plus the ends of the cable are handy for other projects. Load the singing pumpkins file to your projector. There are USB "parallel ports", but I could not get mine to work with the software I used. This is to power the relay board. Watch as Johnny battles the Devil in a fiddlin' duel in this classic song by The Charlie Daniels Band. The box is simply routing current to the different outlets based on data coming from the parallel port. Solder either a buss bar or jumper wires to all negative ( - ) connections. We're not switching huge currents, so we don't need anything too thick. The flicker bulb string will plug into it's own line that connects to the A4 pin of the arduino. From the cult classic "Beetlejuice", comes the memorable song that is sure to have everyone shaking right along. This Instructable is mostly about how to build the relay box, but the end result is a cool Halloween decoration. The great thing about the relay box we are going to build is that it can be used for any holiday light show. Leave some nice comments. ");   pinMode(2, OUTPUT);  // used by sound shield   pinMode(3, OUTPUT);  // used by sound shield   pinMode(4, OUTPUT);  // used by sound shield   pinMode(5, OUTPUT);  // used by sound shield   pinMode(6, OUTPUT);  // led light   pinMode(7, OUTPUT);  // led light   pinMode(8, OUTPUT);  // led light   pinMode(9, OUTPUT);  // led light   pinMode(A0, OUTPUT); // led light   pinMode(A1, OUTPUT); // led light   pinMode(A2, OUTPUT); // led light   pinMode(A3, OUTPUT); // led light   pinMode(A4, OUTPUT); // flicker bulb set   pinMode(A5, OUTPUT); // auido switch over relay   pinMode(redled, OUTPUT);   if (!card.init_card()) {     putstring_nl("Card init. Label your outlets to mark which channel they will correspond to. Set-up is so simple, you'll have pumpkins singing your favorite Halloween songs in no time! Your display isn't complete without this collection of goofiness! You will also need some software to play the music. 11 years ago The desire to make the relay board reusable as more than just a singing pumpkin rig lead me to come up with the design in image 1. Watch the words appear as our Pumpkins sing the song! On the male plug connect the red and white (left ch and right ch) together do this for both male plugs. A parallel port relay board. The Set Up. Some 6/32 hex nuts. Project these animations onto uncarved pumpkins and instantly become the COOLEST house on the block! Video is posted in last step.CAUTION!! This is the CRAZIEST Singing Pumpkins Animation we have done yet! You'll love how these Singing Pumpkins bring this song to life. Stranded wire will be easier to work with than solid. ( side without stripe ). It gave me room for the 5 outlets, relay board and small plastic box for the arduino and sound shield. The unofficial theme song for Halloween is perfectly realize with this Singing Pumpkins Effect. Tell me about your own rigs you build with this guide, or any inspirations you may get from it.Until next time ... Second Prize in the DIY Halloween Contest. And, YES, there is head-banging! on Step 1, i found a relay board for 17$ The light bulbs in the pumpkins only drew 5W each. Good luck with your project. The resistor is connected to the signal pin of the transistor this pin is used to control the internal switch. Even with all 8 pumkins turned on, that would only be 40W. ​Project these animations onto uncarved pumpkins and instantly become the COOLEST house on the block! For the lazy man's conversion to USB try a USB to DB25 Female Parallel Converter Adapter cable (like:

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