ikea curtain rod hack

4. So now you can put the curtain rings onto the rods to hang the curtains. Have a blessed weekend! Unfortunately, the nearest IKEA is 3 hours away! Next attach the center of the curtain using the middle ring clip, followed by remaining clips. I am no longer investing in any expensive home furnishings, as I’m too old! I personally prefer a hand-held screwdriver just so that I do not strip the screws, but you can use an electric screwdriver also. Next, we are planning to paint the room, but in the meantime, we swapped out the curtains with the Ikea Rivta curtains, using this no-sew, Ikea curtain hack. It’s not the highest point in the area by far. My last hanging hack is to change the way the curtain is hung on the rod to better suit your style or needs. We had this Great Value bleach left over from all of the bleaching from the flood – and I had accidentally bleached out something with it. But I did a little of this, and a little of that, and now they are whiter and actually grew!! I was looking for a curtain rod that was inexpensive ( read cheap!). So, I just used warm water. I hang them up and use a steamer or wrinkle-free spray to remove the wrinkles. Today I’m sharing this Ikea hack for Curtains! The reason I chose this height is so that I could use IKEA curtains (which are 98″L) AND use other ready-made brands that are 96″L with rings/clips = 96″ + 2 1/2″ = 98 1/2″L. Thanks for posting about your experience. aina. Whitened 4 panels at a time. Your email address will not be published. xoxo. Did you soak them in a washer? I am trying cool water since i am trying to reduce any shrinking that may occur. I’m glad you figured out what works for you. I just wanna cry Ö Copyright © 2020 Thistlewood Farms, LLC • Site by FirstTracks Marketing, 14-Day Decorating Short Cut Challenge: A 10-Minute Project for Each Season, 14-Day Decorating Challenge: How to Decorate With Thrift Store Finds, 14-Day Decorating Shortcut Challenge: Budget Kitchen Remodeling, 14-Day Decorating Shortcut Challenge: Easy Tips for Picking a Paint Color, yellow and blue and white bedroom makeover, clip on dishtowels or pillow cases to a rod make a simple valance, use fabric glue to add pom poms to an existing curtain, use shower curtains or tablecloths and clip onto a rod, create a valance by draping a piece of material over the rod. My measurements were 111 1/2″W x 95 1/2″H back window, and 50″W x 96″H side window. Thank you for testing this out!!! IKEA curtains are a great place to start and with a couple decor hacks you can customize them with some vintage flair. I’m going to buy more clip rings right now! So confused.. Use a screwdriver to install 2 screws for all of the brackets. I bought these curtains before our room was painted, hoping the warm white would be ok in the light. Hey Lisa! They look so nice! And you are right, the fabric looks very high end in person; I love it's texture. Miscellaneous 2 Comments 5. Hope not but will be anxious to hear how they hold up over time. Optionally, apply zipties to keep the antenna’s cable neat. You can do this with any flat panel but I’m using the Ritva … source. Kim, I got it at Wayfair! The first thing you will want to do is measure your window height and width, including any trim. Yay – money saved! The curtain rods were hung higher and wider, showing off the beautiful trim, and automatically giving this space a grander impression. I haven’t tried it on linen drapes though Love the inspirational day planner. AND they are only $4.99/pack of 10!! I just wanted to show some before and after pictures, so you can have an idea of what our living room windows look like. And IKEA carries the hem tape too! Last thing you want is the whole contraption dropping off the balcony. !Simple and easy with such great results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! custom vintage inspirations for the modern home. I like reading everyone else's window solutions as well. Also I attached the clamps to the balcony first before lowering the pole into them. Oh, awesome. The rough drop cloths with the fringed edges look great up here in the mountains and the price was great. No, I couldn’t use super hot with my curtains because they would shrink. Ok, let’s talk basic curtains, first of all. That is a really good question. Now I can wash them every so often and I know the length will always be good. Hi there- I just finished the Ritva whitening (cotton with linen texture) and they turned white almost instantly. ***NOTE***  Please make sure that whatever size finials you are using fit in this corner area as well – or if you’re choosing not to use finials. Since the BETYDLIG brackets don’t come with anchor/screws, I highly recommend the ones I listed in supplies. Today I'm sharing this Ikea hack for Curtains! My parents had very hard water before installing there current water softener and it was the only thing that kept stains out of whites. Let in plenty of light and very pretty. Ikea Curtains How To Hang Curtains Purple Curtains Brown Curtains Striped Curtains Nursery Curtains Burlap Curtains Velvet Curtains Curtains Living. I have a 24" window, a space, a 73" window, a space, and another 24" window. It’s that moment when the ordinary turns into something extraordinary. karianne. This rod would have fit in a 2 foot long and 3 inch around box! You can do this with any flat panel but I'm using the Ritva ... source . We have an Ikea 20 minutes from me. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just repainted the trim in our bedroom to a much “whiter” white and now our “white” IKEA curtains look so yellow! Hello You Designs. I loved the lesson on color theory, and also THAT YOU TOLD US EXACTLY WHAT ORDER TO DECORATE IN! Have you ever noticed that it’s the simple things that sometimes bring the most joy? I had thrown away our old curtains when we flooded, but still had 6 IKEA RITVA white linen curtains leftover from my bedroom. These pretty stenciled curtains from Mabey She Made It are a great way to add pattern and personality. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. Did two full scoops of the Oxiclean white revive and warm water in the washer, stirred every so often. After debating with other hobbyists about what kind of pole to get, I eventually decided on the RÄCKA. What brand did you purchase? Hi Sarah! I know this picture already shows the screws installed – but I just wasn’t able to take a picture while holding both of these brackets and the phone – LOL . Today I'm sharing this Ikea hack for Curtains! *TIP #1:  The BETYDLIG brackets are sold individually, and do not come with screws/anchors. It also makes a great curtain rod for a small window. I just did the two day soak, maybe a little longer than 48 hours, and this yellow is not budging! Over the years as I have re-decorated rooms they have moved around-they were in my living room, then my bedroom and now currently my kids room. I have an extra set and wish I would have gotten the white. Now I am off to Hone Depot to get the clips and new rods. Day of the Week towels in my kitchen. Hmmm, I wonder if it is your water. I needed a valance over my kitchen sink because the plain-ness (is that even a word) was driving me crazy. I like mismatched chairs, crickets singing in the rain, chalkboard paint, sweet tea with lime, thunderstorms & knights in shining armor. The curtains are 98″ long and look super high end. Required fields are marked *. Excluding the €55 antenna I only spent about 10 euros on the RÄCKA and the clamps. Now I am very thrifty and have used your idea except I am always blessed to find the most amazing curtains at garage sales. Finally, I went on my Instagram stories and asked for suggestions. It is a cheap, clean looking solution that would fit my needs. Hope this helps friend! Weight them down–curtains that hang properly look more expensive. When I hang the curtains up, I pull them up over the molding and close to the ceiling to make the room appear taller. Here are 13 IKEA curtain hacks to inspire your creativity. Thanks so much! Where can I find that rug?!?!? if you need a longer version, go with the tab top, ring with clips, or ring with RIKTIG styles. ***NOTE:  If you want these whiter, wash them again. I got the curtain rods and the clips at Home Depot. Tried bleaching twice, but didn’t lighten enough. haha! I actually wanted off white. Find The Perfect Curtains for Your Home Space. Otherwise, one of the curtain rods WILL NOT fit – again trust me!! Let me know in the comments below if you have struggled to get fabrics the perfect color or if you have any great IKEA hacks that you have tried!! I stumbled upon this post after finding your original YouTube video. Explore our curtain rods and our curtain triple track rails, wires, and double rod sets and find your perfect solution. Not sure if you can answer this but I’m wondering if I could lighten it a bit with bleach? IKEA has tons of drapery choices and you can’t beat the price. Thoughts? Hi! No worries, I could just bleach them and we would be all set, right? So.... tell me what you do? Most of the curtains that I found were either too short (84″) or felt cheap or were too sheer or were too expensive. Also, thank you to another subscriber for asking…. It’s not a perfect solution. I love it when people break the rules and make life so much simpler. I have sheer curtains on a bunch of windows and Ritva sets layered on top, along with another that I think starts with an L. Anyway, I love the color of my curtains, but after two or three years, they are pretty filthy about halfway down to the bottom.

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