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Superior and Quake then recovered and continued their fight, with Superior using his blades to try and cut her, claiming that being one of the powerful Inhumans just made her a cheat in the fight due to her own superhuman powers. While Coulson and May attempted to figure out a way to defend themselves, Superior's two bodies worked together to hack into the door and then get back inside, intending to beat the two agents to death. and therefore it was too dangerous for him to stay. Jax says to Emma that she might still like Daniel or she can discover that there better guys for her. They hug, which is seen my Daniel, and also makes him a bit jealous. : 4.12: Hot Potato Soup, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jax helps with her time manipulation spell. Emma was very happy to see Jax, until she found out he accidentally made Andi invisible. Jax warns Emma when he thinks the council will overthrow her after remembering a conversation with Agamemnon when he was still a kangaroo. As they spoke to each other, Coulson blamed Superior for having Melinda May, and others kidnapped while Superior blamed Coulson for the deaths of his allies searching for an 0-8-4 years earlier. Once Shockley returned, having somehow survived, Superior furiously confronted him over Nadeer's death. Emma is worried that the Council is trying to convince Jax to turn against her but Jax says that would never happen. They were portrayed by Paola Andino and Rahart Adams. Emma thanks him for doing so and kisses him. When Superior reminded Hale of her promise to him, she reassured Superior that he would have his own chance to step in the Chamber himself, and become the Superior man. Emma and Jax met in Jax of Hearts after talking to Daniel and Diego. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior gives Jeffrey Mace his final chance, Walking around him, Superior gave Director Mace his final chance to finally denounce S.H.I.E.L.D. Jax tells her if she wants to stop, then we'll stop. Superior getting furiously threatened by Aida. to hide behind. I like to stay in the present when I can. Emma and Jax kiss in the pool and are finally back together. Returning inside his submarine, Superior found Holden Radcliffe in a sleep state, while locked inside their Framework. He stands in front of her after Mia threw a fireball at them. Jax said most got sent home, stripped of their powers, and Emma smiles and points out that he's still here. Having returned into his submarine having completed their mission to successfully steal away the Darkhold book away from S.H.I.E.L.D. Emma tells Andi that Jax texted and said he's picking them up. When he tries to make Daniel forgot he saw them, his powers disappear, and Emma asks what happend to them. They end up erasing Daniel's entire memory when he barges in on Emma casting a spell. They along with Andi find Daniel in the cafeteria with Diego and get him out of sight. He lied about making the Emma clones and gave up his powers to save hers. [12], Superior and Aida discussing the Framework. Emma's dad is human and her mom was a witch, while Jax's parents are both magical beings. Emma convinces Jax to stay, saying there's a storm coming and his hair will get all spiky. Jax helps Emma figure out what happened to Daniel. Jax is also revealed to still have deep feelings for her and later in the season, Emma is revealed to still have feelings for Jax. She is mad that she got detention and he didn't. Jax tries to spend a lot of time with Mr. Alonso so that he likes him. They also stand by each other as Jax stands by Emma when she begins to abuse her magic, proving that although she is doing something dangerous and has caused their friends to become hurt in the process he's willing to support her, even offering her his own powers. Superior discusses his hatred of the Inhumans. Superior finds and challenges Jeffrey Mace. She tells him that everyone's turning on her, and he reminds her that he isn't. Superior being destroyed by the Hellfire Chain, Quake told Superior that he really should never claim he could not be stopped as this always meant he would then be stopped. Human (Cyborg) : 5.15: Rise and Shine, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which leaves Emma staring at him, pensive and a bit confused. Jax saves Emma from being sent into the center of the orb. Jax makes Emma fall in Daniel's arm and when Daniel puts his arm around Emma he's upset about it. 's disbandment, Superior's head had been acquired by General Hale, who used it to force him to serve HYDRA to combat another impending alien invasion, which put Superior back into a conflict with Coulson who did not trust Hale's intentions. Deceased The Superior had greeted Phil Coulson and Melinda May, as they had both just been removed from the Framework, and had also witnessed Aida leaving the platform with Fitz, as Superior noted that now they were free of the Framework, he was no long restricted from killing them. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She tells him Daniel would never hurt her. agents. Just as Superior vowed to destroy the thing which had brought these Inhumans, Aida then revealed that the scan was complete. Gender There were seen going on several dates with Andi and Phillip. She asks if they can leave afterwards, and when he says no she goes to talk to Agamemnon, even though he calls for her. Emma asked how he knew about the necklace, and if he was spying on her; he didn't deny it very well. ", which offends her. Emma tells Jax that she needs him, and he caves in. Aida threatened to kill Superior, but he had instead simply noted that it was just one of many of their Life-Model Decoy bodies that she could destroy, as his brain was hidden from her. Upon entering their room, Superior only found Alphonso Mackenzie inside, still logged in the Framework, as Coulson and May were nowhere to be seen. Superior managed to maintain his good fight throughout their battles, despite Quake using her Quake Gauntlets to block his blades as she had even taking a headbutt without slowing down. This could be one of the reasons why he views Inhumans in a hateful perspective and even thinks of them as abominations, calling them genetic cheaters because they inherited their abilities. ", Superior furiously fights back against Quake, Superior looks closely at the Terrigen Crystals. Emma tells him Andi knows how, because the Hexoren showed her. He mistakes E for Emma, and tells her he and Andi got his powers back because she wouldn't help him and got so mad she broke up with him. Superior But I still appeal to a younger audience because I don’t really think of myself having ‘an age’. When Emma couldn't find anything, Jax insists she check again. Eventually, she cut off his head and kept the brain alive, giving it remote control over the robotic duplicate of Superior's old body. But in reality he does and just wants Emma to be more open. He pretended not to know what Emma was walking about when she demanded he give back the Spell-O-Vision goggles. Jax wants to make sure Emma is going to be all right when his dad tells him about the last light plan to take over the world. Jax lets Emma look in his dad's library to find a spell book. : 4.14: The Man Behind the Shield, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. To Superior's surprise, however, he found he was incapable of firing. They travel to the Everglades with Andi and the rest of the gang. Jax tells her why he thinks Jessie is his sister. Jemma had at least 1 relationship in the past. Hearing a noise, the Superior questioned if Aida had finally used the Project Looking Glass to turn herself human, only to get frustrated at the fact that he could only speak with his doubles, then walked away. He laughed when Emma cringes at the thought of her and Maddie being. She was happy to see Jax the next morning. Superior trying to slice Phil Coulson's throat. However, Mace insisted that he still believed in Coulson as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. Superior stepped in the room and immediately threw one of his knives at Quake, stabbing her in the shoulder. They realized Andi was transported into the video game. Jax says this  has to do with Emma and the realm so it has to do with him. They both have a picture of the other in their bedroom. Jax wants to rewatch Emma say "i'm with Jax" 8+ times. He tells her to pretend to laugh at his joke, but she does it awkwardly and runs away. Superior lying mortally wounded under rubble, While Superior remained unconscious and barely breathing under all of the rubble, S.H.I.E.L.D. training, despite no longer actually being able to use her Inhuman power but with her new enhanced strength from her two Prosthetic Arms, as she had managed to push Superior away before then picking up one of his discarded knives from the floor and began slashing back at him. While Andi and Emma where trying to watch Agamemnon from the Witches' Council, Jax disappeared. Jax puts his arm around Emma while they are in the car. Superior listened as Coulson tried to convince Creel that he was on the wrong side before turning back to Superior and questioning why his Sleeper Mechs did not have his face, with Superior claiming that the Mechs were nothing more than soldiers. Jemma won "Favorite Couple" at the 2015 Every Witch Way Wiki Awards! Jax tells her he had to clean up his entire house last night, and that's why he looks a mess. He then was cared for by Aida who played Superior's favorite song by The Moody Blues, as Superior claimed he thought this was a good song to be born to, or maybe for him to die too.

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