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If you want to geek out, then read the rest of the Bible. The report pointed to the Trump administration’s "conscience rule" that would have cleared the way for doctors to avoid medical procedures on religious grounds. Search is currently unavailable. You do not sound like much of a Christian to me. In his world, “kingdom” language was political. How do you exalt Jesus during a presidential election? Meet the Democratic and Republican candidates that are running against Ocasio-Cortez for her seat that represents New York’s 14th Congressional district. As the Book of Exodus recounts, when Pharaoh refuses Moses' request to let the Hebrews go, a battle of miracles quickly ensues. Of course, Good Friday and Easter have more than a political meaning—but not less. They weren't practical in Jesus' day, either. — a play on the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" The meek will inherit the earth. For Jesus and Judaism, God is passionate about the world. This is why it won't do merely to begin with a political ideology and brand it with Jesus' memory. Throughout much of this period, Jews lived—and early Judaism developed—under foreign rule. I’m not a fan of Paul. "Do not abandon yourselves to despair," said Pope John Paul II. Thank you all for your shares and comments! The Christian holiday, two days before Easter Sunday, that commemorates Jesus' death. or redistributed. Thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing this back. “There are only two hard historical facts about Jesus: (1) He was a Jew from Nazareth who led a popular Jewish movement in Palestine at the beginning of the first century, and (2) Rome crucified him for doing so.”. Skip the Old Testament. “Sick and tired of Republicans who co-opt faith as an excuse to advance bigotry and barbarism,” Ocasio-Cortez said. Jesus' Radical Politics By Brandon Ambrosino. Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh… If we want to understand the politics of Jesus, then, we need to begin before Jesus was born with his “fetal origins” and the context that shaped him. “Sick and tired of Republicans who co-opt faith as an excuse to advance bigotry and barbarism,” Ocasio-Cortez said. I mean knocked of his horse blinded by light blind for several days tended to for quite awhile before getting out of bed and feeling normal. Jesus and Christianity is but one religion, I am a Christian but not overtly religious. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Before he was even born, a radical passion for freedom and justice was nourishing and nurturing Jesus through the spiritual placenta of Mary’s voice as it vibrated in her womb to her son. Don't skip the OT, whenever you see GOD speaking, that is Jesus! In his kingdom, enemies are loved, the marginalized prioritized, and wealth inequality exposed for the sham it is. It transforms how people see and treat one another across our greatest divisions. The ancient Jews didn't like a lot of God's commands either. In this message from … Unsurprisingly, after Jesus’s resurrection, Luke tells us that “Mary the mother of Jesus” was there when her son’s movement launched in Jerusalem (Acts 1:14). T wo thousand years have sanitized Easter for most people. The Christian springtime holiday that celebrates Jesus's resurrection. Easter also has a political meaning: it meant that God said yes to Jesus’ passion for a transformed world and no to the powers of domination that killed him. As you stop and think with me, I hope you discover new beginnings that enrich and enlarge your love. as well as into what he thought about his kingdom: that, though it's ultimate fulfillment will be in the future, look around you — it's already here. Marcus J. Borg, "Jesus and Politics", n.p. Jesus’ radical politics In his kingdom, enemies are loved, the marginalized prioritized, and wealth inequality exposed for the sham it is. And working to eliminate poverty? But the madness of God is wiser than the wisdom of man, as Paul reminds us, just like God's weakness is stronger than human strength. When the world is violent, God is passionate that it be otherwise." Ocasio-Cortez said Jesus may very well be called a radical by today's standards because he spoke about loving enemies and embracing strangers. When I look around and see rising poverty and inequality, sexism, racism, and environmental destruction, I don't start mumbling to my imaginary friend The Invisible Sky Wizard, I put the blame on where the problems usually originated in the first place: religion. And can we be equally sure that this Jesus, who has no patience for greed, would spend all of his energy condemning the wealthy? Jesus also made it very clear what he thought of them when he addresses the (Edomite Jew) Pharisees in John 8:44, calling them out as sons of the devil. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Politics: Week 1 Radical Politics Thursday, July 12, 2018 There is a lot of talk today about “radical” politics on both sides. ... Ocasio-Cortez said Jesus may very well be called a radical by today's standards because he spoke about loving enemies and embracing strangers. There is death and rape and racism and unemployment and sex trafficking. In the first century, the Jews used the organized religious sects, the Pharisees and Sadducees, to oppose Christianity, and through these their power to persuade the Roman authorities against it. In the world of Jesus, a cross was always a Roman cross. Day after day for several years, Mary held Jesus close to her body, rocking him and feeding him from her breast, as she sang her songs of protest. The freshman representative was joined by Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who also accused the administration of employing executive orders to "turn the government into an instrument of hostility and opposition towards LGBTQ rights. The politicians and party on the far side often look “extreme” and so the very word “radical” now has a somewhat negative connotation. In God's kingdom, after all, there is only one class of citizen, because all have inherited the same birthright from their heavenly father. Do not retaliate.    |    Technical Support The church that I’m a member of affirms that “the Bible is taken seriously, but not literally”. As my brother said, “Jesus was no Care Bear”. Get the latests news, prebuys and contest updates. Would he turn a blind eye to racial injustices in Ferguson and elsewhere? Another told her the dogma lives loudly within you and that is of concern,” he added, reminding lawmakers that “Article 1 clearly prohibits religious tests for serving in public office.”, 2020 ElectionPoliticsAlexandria Ocasio-CortezCatholic ChurchChuck Grassleyreligion. Fetal origins is a scientific discipline…based on the theory that our health and wellbeing throughout our lives is crucially affected by the nine months we spend in the womb… We’re all learning about the world even before we enter it. Should Mary’s politics influence Christian political imagination today. And Mary’s politics centered on God’s will to reverse systems that impoverish and oppress the powerless. Jesus and Politics by Marcus J. Borg. What's radical is what that means — specifically, what it meant for Rome, and, by implication, what it means for all kingdoms everywhere, including the ones we live in. Brandon Ambrosino covers culture and religion for Scandalous because in this brief line, Jesus seems to be identifying himself with the same God who heard the cry of oppressed Israel and took it upon himself to liberate them from Egypt. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's polarizing persona has quickly made her a household name for many, but it has also earned her a long list of challengers looking to take her Congressional seat in the upcoming November election. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! After the crucifixion, the apostles clearly fix the murder of Christ on the people of Judea, and never on the Romans, as can be clearly seen at Acts 2:23; 4:8-10; 7:52-53 and 1 Thess. Was political consciousness an insignificant add-on in Jesus’s later life, or was it formed into Jesus from his origins? “Radical” just comes from the Latin word radix, meaning “root.” For… Continue Reading Radical Politics As many New Testament scholars argue, hearing "Jesus is Lord" in the first century might sound suspiciously like a bold rejection of the standard Roman creed at the time: "Caesar is Lord." [cited 13 Nov 2020]. T wo thousand years have sanitized Easter for most people. for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant… During His earthly ministry Yahshua Christ continually distinguished Himself from the Jews, and there are clear examples of this in the words of Christ recorded at John 8:31-47 and John 10. Jesus was not a Jew. Black lives matter here, as do queer lives and the lives of undocumented aliens within our borders — "Remember the stranger in your midst" is a common refrain in this kingdom. When we hold our babies for the first time, we might imagine that they’re clean slates unmarked by life, when in fact they have already been shaped by us and the particular world we live in… First of all, they learn the sound of their mothers’ voices. John Dominic Crossan on how Jesus may have understood God’s Kingdom. But he didn’t: he spoke of the kingdom of God. What would Jesus do if he showed up today, say, in Washington, D.C.? But there's no denying that, at least in recent US history, conservatives have been ready to marry God and government. It was the song of a poor woman who hoped for a fundamental change in the economic system of her society that filled her body with hunger. But what does it really mean to be Christian? It remains unclear what specifically triggered the New York lawmaker to make the hypothetical claim, although it coincided with the first day of Judge Amy Coney Barret’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Read the first three books in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. I will not cry when you tell me to cry. Jesus confronted the leaders about their wrong practices, evil thoughts, and destructive deeds — because Jesus was a protester (Mark 2:1-12; Luke 11). Reza Aslan on the specific meaning of biblical zeal and its implications. Jesus is alive, we sing each spring, and now let's get on with lilies and chocolates and bunnies and think about what his resurrection means for us — namely, that we get to go to heaven when we die, and perhaps more important, a lot of other people don't. Jesus, he hears them say, you are not the Messiah we expected. The world is made new, alleluia, and all lives matter. One comedian singled you out and I was... Facebook comments not loading? To which he responds: I will not dance when you tell me to dance. Under the colonial rule of the Roman Empire, it was the magnificent anthem of a radical young woman who ached for a new order in which the dominated would be liberated and the oppressors would be thrown down. Fact is, if today Christ himself came to the floor of Congress and repeated his teachings, many would malign him as a radical and eject him from the chamber. Take it all with a grain of salt and a critical mind.

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