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At the present moment, Byrne is working on Star Trek comics. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. He later commented that, "the book had an 'edge' like nothing DC was putting out at the time. He has also cited science fiction artists John Berkey and Syd Mead as contributors to his style. John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is a British-born naturalized American author and artist of comic books. He has problems distinguishing between some shades of green and brown and penciled Iron Fist for a year believing the costume was brown. See more ideas about John byrne, Comic books art, Comic art. His work on West Coast Avengers (issues 42-57, soon renamed Avengers West Coast) was contingent on his being allowed to do what he called "my Vision story". John’s dedication to Dave Cockrum was because it was the first time John had drawn the X-Men since Dave had passed away a month earlier. For his writing, he was nominated for the Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award for Favorite Writer six times. According to Byrne, most of his objections to the story and notations of errors were ignored, and his editor, Bobbie Chase, "was rewriting my stuff to bring it into line with" the story in Ceremony. At the request of editor Mark Gruenwald, Byrne wrote and drew a new series, the Sensational She-Hulk. He created the superhero parody Gay Guy for the college newspaper which poked fun at the campus stereotype of homosexuality among art students. Superman - A series of commissions by John Byrne. His most famous works have been on Marvel Comics's Uncanny X-Men and Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics's Superman franchise. Marvel meets DC commission by John Byrne. In 1989, Byrne returned to work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics. Byrne has himself admitted to straight lines being "his least favorite artistic element. [3]. X-Men Vs Fantastic Four commission by John Byrne. John Byrne lives and works in Connecticut. From 1999, he is the regular artist on 'Superman & Batman: Generation'. John Lindley Byrne (born July 6, 1950) is a British-born naturalized American author and artist of comic books. In 1970, Byrne enrolled at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Superman, the Man of Steel by John Byrne. He works on a regular basis for the two major comic book publishers in North America. To view the previous series of commissions, click here Which is your favorite? Byrne has cited multiple reasons for leaving the book, including "internal office politics"[2] and that "it simply started to get old".[8]. Welcome. [5] Byrne's series was comedic and the She-Hulk, who was aware she was in a comic book, regularly broke the fourth wall. What was that? The most significant event that occurred in that title under Byrne's tenure was the destruction of that continuum's city of Pittsburgh by the wielder of the Star Brand. Behind the Scenes: Words and Pictures with Marcos Martín! Since the mid-1970s Byrne has worked on nearly every major American superhero. Though intended by Byrne to be gay from the beginning, his homosexuality could only be hinted at during Byrne's tenure on the book. In the early 1980s Byrne worked on a number of other Marvel books. 1979. X-Men #128, page 30 by John Byrne & Terry Austin & Glynis Wein. In 1987, the New Universe line saw a revamp under the auspices of Executive Editor Mark Gruenwald, and Byrne took over writing and art breakdowns on the line's flagship title, Star Brand (which was renamed The Star Brand during Byrne's term on the book). Byrne's most important post-X-Men body of work was his six years on The Fantastic Four (#232-293), considered by many to be a "second golden age"[6] on that title. While there, he also published his first comic book, ACA Comix #1, featuring "The Death's Head Knight". In particular his work in the late 1990s in Marvel is known as some of more controversial (and criticized by fans), especially the Spider-Man: Chapter One, where Byrne tried to revive interest in the Spider-Man character retelling his earliest adventures, changing some key aspects, and declaring that the new version had supplanted the original stories as official Spider-Man canon. No talking, no opinions. Traditionally at Marvel, writers and editors of regular series are consulted regarding side projects involving those characters, and Byrne was asked for input on Dwayne McDuffie's She-Hulk Ceremony graphic novel. In Scott McCloud's book Understanding Comics, Byrne is charted along with other comics artists in the "Big Triangle". In addition to these changes, Byrne's run is notable for the introduction of the Great Lakes Avengers, an eclectic group of new superheroes. to help give you the best experience we can. [2] |The Vision was a long standing Marvel superhero and member of The Avengers, an android originally created by the villain Ultron constructed with the body of the original Human Torch. 2006. The Vision went on to join the team, marry his teammate the Scarlet Witch, and father two children by her. 2006. Iron Fist commission by John Byrne. [13], Byrne's artistic style, his layouts and his storytelling have been sources of instruction and inspiration to many comics artists, including George Perez,[14] Jim Lee,[15] Todd McFarlane,[16] Bryan Hitch,[17] and Marcos Martín.[18]. 2010-2013. Gay Guy is also notable for featuring a prototype of the Alpha Flight character Snowbird. In 1987 rock musician Joe Satriani released an album named 'Surfing with the Alien', which featured an image of a 'Silver Surfer' comic by Byrne.

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