kenstar little cooler dx user manual

Hot summer months won’t be a priority anymore, due to the Orient Electric Smartcool DX – CP2002H air cooler. It increases humidity that balances out the dryness in the arid areas. Another brilliant addition to this air cooler is a multi-step filtration system. It contains Roto Swing - 360 degree cooling. Another thing is that this cooler has a water drain plug, so water management is more efficient. The dust protector filter prevents all kinds of impurities in the air, the smell filter removes terrible odors of the interior, the allergy filter wipes away germs, and bacteria filter resists bacteria present inside. In addition, a mobile air colder requires water to run, and also some versions advise adding ice for much better performance. With the knowledge below in mind, you can pick out the best air cooler for yourself without needing assistance from salespeople. This 20-L cooler helps quiet down every nook and corner of your room, due to the powerful air delivery by the fans. View full information. To clarify, the CMF refers to the amount of air cycling through your room each minute. 10 in our best air cooler in India list. CFM, or Cubic Feet Per Minute, is the term which is used to measure the airflow of the cooler. Furthermore, Equipped with large water storage capacity and capable of strong airflow required to maximize cooling within the harshest of summers. 1 Year Standard Warranty & 6 Months Additional Warranty. The Mystique from Crompton is a lightweight and compact air cooler that delivers excellent performance. For the best results, you should place them on your window so they can draw in more outside air. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler Without Trolley (White) Brand: Kenstar. I had purchased kenstar geyser on 5th nov, 2018. You can keep it on a table near the window. My reference number is kol[protected]. Another great thing about these air coolers is that they bring in fresh air with regular operation. It is budget-friendly considering the capacity and functions. One of the best things about using an air cooler is that you get to move it around according to your needs. As we’ve mentioned before, the brand is a large factor when it comes to after sales services. Moreover, these pads also provide more water retention. The Castor Wheels move in 360°C angles so that you can move the cooler everywhere around your house without any effort. Whisper-quiet performance in Winter 56 keeps you undisturbed and lets you enjoy maximum cooling for a sound sleep. It doesn’t even eat away on electricity a lot, taking only 100W of power, which is low in comparison to the other options out there. Symphony is another one of the brands that don’t compromise on product quality and focus on customer satisfaction. Compressor based cooling systems work on vapor-compressor or refrigeration technique, and air coolers work based on evaporation of water. Here’s an example to clarify and give you a better idea: If the humidity level in an area is 30%, and the temperature 32.3°C (90F), then the air will cool down to 23.3°C. The higher the humidity, the more trouble the cooler will have in evaporating the water. But, you need to allot Kenstar, although less known, is one of the customer favourites when it comes to air coolers. No separate ice cube chamber is present for enhanced fast cooling. The turbo fan running on a powerful motor works in combination with the ice you put inside to give the best cooling possible. The room temperature goes down as the cycle of air conversion continues. The powerful 406 mm fan within the cooler itself runs with efficiency, spreading the cool air from the water evenly across the room. Besides, the cooler also comes with air filtration features that keep unwanted particles out of the air. Set it next to your bed, sofa or dining table to enjoy cold air right away. Moreover, It also comes with the SMPS technology which ensures that the appliance remains shielded from voltage fluctuations. Air output is also more effective as they use fans. Besides, this air cooler is also convenient. Your email address will not be published. Full Function Remote Remote functionality provides effortless air cooler operation. All of these incredible characteristics can be availed at an advantageous price range which makes it one of the bestsellers in India. If the unit is not maintained correctly, it can provide access to mold and bacteria into the interior spaces. The air throw can go upto 23Ft, covering providing air to every area quickly. Recommended Reading: 11 Best Air Conditioners (AC) in India. The best air coolers in India are efficient and eco-friendly. It cools the air fast, using high-quality honeycomb cooling pads. It’s still powerful and can get you through a hot summer with no problems. It is constructed with a rust-protected plastic body which makes it compatible with regular water use. Air coolers need to have at least a small amount of water in order to stay functional. Bajaj creates products for all kind of everyday items, even as far as motorcycles. Tip for better Cooling always allows for cross ventilation in your room. In fact, the higher the CMF is, the more air the fan moves into the room. It comes with a capacity of 16 litre. No Doubt this is the Best Air Cooler. That’s because the use of a fan allows more efficient air circulation. One of the perks of having a personal cooler is incredible mobility. The price rises alongside the capacity. Firstly, the water storage tank can be a breeding nest of mosquitos, thus giving way to fatal diseases. The rest are going to be brand gimmicks; for the most part, the main functionality will depend on everything we’ve talked about in the guide. The Symphony Diet offers good performance in a small package. An Air Cooler Can Cool room of any size. Moreover, you can also control the speed the fans run at, so this is an excellent cooler if you like having more control over your devices. In this review, see the working principle of Air Coolers. I have raised a complaint for repairing of my kenstar geyser with your customer care on 6 oct 2018 and again on 26 oct 2018, I have raised for water heater service on 10/10/2018 till now (30/10/2018)didnt get a call or not even respond seriously frustated like anything isnt there law to punish them for having cheap customer care. It can be used outdoors as well without being difficult to move because of the portability and light-weight. It comes with versatile castor wheels which make it an easy task to move the cooler around. 6. It has a capacity of only 12 liters, but it can provide a wide range of cooling for a small room. The second type is Tower Air Coolers, These are new model coolers, takes very less space due to its tower shape and givers good cooling. It performs well despite being of a small size. Besides, air coolers are also good for health in a way. Air Coolers are made to fulfill heavy cooling needs in summer. The functionality is almost similar to the other ones. Besides, there’s also an additional speed regulator for user convenience. Dura-pump technology inbuilt in Winter 80 XL ensures for longevity of the personal cooler. No Doubt this is the Best Air Cooler. COOLMAX. This is visible in the basic design of air coolers. It has a 75 liters water tank capacity, and therefore the cooler not only is useful for household purposes but can also be used in outdoor spaces or bigger workspaces. The cooling doesn’t take long either. This is why we recommend it to be one of the air coolers in India. As the Summer in India is going to be fierce, you should go for a bigger cooler for better cooling. It can cool every corner of the room, and it can also do so fast. Hence, the quality of the water is significant to the cooler’s lifetime. Unique Features of Kenstar Little Dx Air Cooler . 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Transparent water indicator to live the precise water level within the tank, 4 caster wheels for straightforward mobility, Environment friendly. Reply Add a comment: Post your Comment The basic mechanical parts of an air cooler are the fan motors and the water pump, both of which are easy to replace at a very low cost. The fan relies on a superior Turbo Fan Technology to ensure the rate at which it cools. It can cool living space, medium to a big room, an outdoor area, a shop, office, showroom, etc. About us; Products. This comment was posted by ... (added by the user) United States. As such i got the 6 years warranty... For our household use ..gyser is not functioning well, no response of product service kenstar. Crompton’s Desert Cooler Range is designed for big areas and better cooling needs. As the name suggests, this feature indicates the water level present inside the air cooler. tower-like structure, which makes it really compact and suitable for urban Air isn't guaranteed to remain fresh as air conditioners circulate internal air. [AMIE is Approved by AICTE But ] What is AMIE Recognition Issue and its Present Status with MHRD and AICTE? With the design, these pads provide a better flow of air, along with more effective cooling. is a participant in the Affiliate Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Amazon and the Amazon logo (as applicable) are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates, Copyright @2020. Home » Home Appliance » 4 Best Air Coolers in India: A Complete Buying Guide for 2020. New Kenstar Aster Air Fryer With User Manual. 4-side aspen pads provide enhanced cooling, Automatic vertical swing. Most of the air coolers out in the Indian market have their own unique designs. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 55 litres, 6. High humid areas can cause water condensation, which can then lead to damage. In other words, you can move them around and place them anywhere, due to their compact size and the inclusion of castor wheels.

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