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‘Diz a Ela Que Me Viu Chorar’ Sendo, conhecemos pouquíssimo dele. IMDb An observational documentary taken place in the last few months of a government hostel for addicts. Stark, unflinching documentary about addicts driven into poverty with a title that means Usher is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Addicted people are complex characters that can't be defined in such short chapters. It's not a simple pain, it's a pain that hurts.". Let the Fire Burn is composed entirely with archival footage yet unfurls with the tension of a thriller. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. No entanto, a intensa rotina de gravação resulta numa cumplicidade tão intensa com seus personagens, cujas histórias e conflitos pavimentam e contam toda a estória do filme. Gr8 list of movies that are short but aren't actually short movies, y'know? Sendo sobre pessoas, experiências humanas, a falha talvez seja maior: as pessoas são mostradas quase que de forma episódica, são exploradas de maneira unidimensional, como personagens farsescas. In Notes the festivals and names of the prizes. Film data from TMDb. Benedita says that she was previously married and had “about 10 children”. Even so, a bold film, with some unforgettable images. To be fair, I did not finish Chantal Akerman's "No Home Movie" or Jacques Rivette's "Out 1". Please review our comment guidelines. All in all, this is an audacious piece of filmmaking. “Yalandı ettiğin yeminlerama sorun değil, öğrendim artık inanmamam gerektiğini,Birinin bize verdiği zevk, Ya da bir aşk anında söylediği,Her şeye.” -let it burn. We follow various residents as they interact with each other, as well as social assistants and pharmacists. Powerful and raw. I can handle the truth. On the other hand, I also believe that we film would have benefited from a little more contextualisation in the beginning. Maíra Bühler hace justamente eso en Diz a ela que me viu chorar pero además logra una intimidad sorprendente, comparable, en mi opinión, a la de Roberto Minervini. One man storms to another man’s room with an iron bar at hand with an aggressive nature and intent for violence. Four years in the making, the new documentary feature by Brazilian filmmaker Maíra Bühler (I Touched All Your Stuff) is a powerful and delicate portrait of the seven-floor Dom Pedro hostel in downtown São Paulo, which houses 107 homeless residents from marginalized communities, many of whom are struggling with drug addiction and the ever-present threat of eviction. Bunun üzerine bu filmi izlemek o shelterlardaki hayatları sanki ben de içlerinden biriymişim gibi gözlemlemek duygusal bir deneyim oldu benim için. incredible cinema. Cinema verité portrayal of a harm reduction hotel in Brazil. 01–94 / competição novos diretores — 95–102 / mostra brasil: competição novos diretores — 103–203 / perspectiva internacional — 204–219…, The True False Film Fest is an annual documentary film festival that takes place in…, A list of woman-directed movies I've seen/wanna see, in alphabetical order, Agustin Fernandez Lafont 261 films 25 3 Edit, Lista de películas presentadas en la plataforma MUBI (Argentina). © Letterboxd Limited. A montagem fluida do documentário faz com que ele não perca seu dinamismo, mesmo sem ação ou quaisquer narrações – Buhler afirma…. It would be useful to understand how and why the facilities were set up, what it achieved in terms of recovery, and the presumably dire consequences of the closing down. That being said it does get right into the lives of the people in the apartment building. I'm not sure what this documentary wants to achieve, we all know that being addicted to hard drugs and what the effects are. The gestures and faces of the residents, who are predominantly black, are often beautiful, and always interesting, since the camera is usually tightly focused on one or two, in the hotel’s tiny apartments. I was inceptively sceptical with the approach of this documentary. With their own personal stories full of loneliness and heartbreak, these are individuals who nevertheless fight for life in solidarity. Lista de filmes (longas-metragens de ficção e documentário) lançados a partir de 2009-10 até os dias de hoje. Sure, it's interesting to see different people's struggling lives, but it's a superficial view. A violent man refuses to move into a smaller room so that so a family of six including four small children can move in. Beaucoup de dualité. This review may contain spoilers. My favorite film is likely "Hyenas". Desde la irrupción del Direct Cinema, se ha convertido en una convención observar a los marginados sin juzgarlos, sino simplemente observándolos en un ejercicio de entendimiento. Actualizado día a día. Um filme desoladoramente lindo. I have watched about 25 films. This shit hurts. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Required fields are marked *, DMovies - Your platform for thought-provoking cinema. Shot over the course of a few years with hundreds of hours of footage, it gives an insight into drug addiction and homelessness you don't see that often-the mundane human experience. This is yet another tragic consequence of the reactionary cloud looming large over Brazil since the 2016 coup d’etat. It’s often through music and tears that these people find redemption. Downtown São Paulo, Brazil. so a family of six including four small children can move in. Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Sheffield International Documentary Festival. There’s abundant loneliness, violence and despondency in every room of this high-rise building inhabited by broken souls. The camera persistently lingering over intimately private moments and exchanges, without receiving acknowledgement or … There were engaging shots that made the documentary interesting to watch but overall it was lacking the intimacy between the viewer and residents. Let It Burn is a viscerally captivating observational documentary from Brazil.. A toothless man sings a Brazilian: “tell her you saw me crying”. Scenes of them speaking intimately or just having fun are intercut with rising tensions and shouting matches. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish. Tiene cosas que contar, y no he podido separar apenas los ojos de la pantalla en una historia que es, al final, sobre el amor. Diz A Ela Que Me Viu Chorar é uma experiência calcada completamente na dura realidade social de um (extinto) programa habitacional de redução de danos. We don't know their daily life exactly other than seeing random shots from various days that helps us to create a base for the characters. What's with the guy lying in a pool underwater smoking a cigarette? We watch them lie in bed, cuddle and embrace each other with utmost affection. Deeply devoted to its subjects, but also providing space to bring them closer to each other, Let It Burn absorbs great emotion, culminating in musical release. Planos fechados, próximos, dão ao espectador pouquíssima noção espacial, e a artificialidade de alguns momentos (que são reais, mas são "montados" e filmados tão estranhamente que, ironicamente, parecem irreais) tornam o ambiente menos um lugar propriamente, e mais um cenário. Directed by Maíra Bühler. Cinema Brasileiro: Novíssimo (2010-presente). Shockingly, we learn at the end of the movie that Sao Paulo’s new right wing mayor closed down the Parque Dom Pedro facilities just last year, with the residents left to fend for themselves on the streets of the 25-million-inhabitant and cruel metropolis. The Dom Pedro hostel in São Paulo houses 107 homeless residents from marginalized communities, many of whom are struggling with the ever-present threat of eviction. “This shit hurts. It's boring. It is an observational documentary about addicts in a home in Sao Paulo. Eu diria que houve certa falta…. Un filme que busca humanizar a los marginados. Entirely filmed inside the Parque Dom Pedro Hotel in the centre of Sao Paulo, this 85-minute document follows the footsteps of the residents as they attempt to overcome addiction and to find a new purpose in life. Part of MUBI's New Brazilian Cinema series. Great characters, some very strong material moving around the ups and downs of life in the place with a strong sense of dread as the shutdown approaches. Let It Burn is dotted with fragments of fractious lives. There is no voice-over and music score.

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