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Bavelas, J. Summarize the article in your own words. Moreover, the perceptual detection, task is much less complex than the driving task, indicating data, The limited literature on cell phone and passenger conversations, suggests that modulation (i.e., slowing) of a conversation. (2004) showed that conversations result in higher, error rates for change detection and higher numbers of saccades to, locate a changing item. Clearly, fewer references, to traffic were made in the cell phone condition, t(46) _ 3.0, p _, To determine who initiated the reference to traffic, we analyzed, the number of initializations made in the cell phone conversation, condition and the passenger conversing condition using t tests. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied                                                                 2008, Vol. Not only did this article appeal to my because of my driving habits but also because I know that society in whole participate in these behaviors as well. they are not able to direct the attention of the driver toward traffic, or do not know how to identify important events in the driving, environment (e.g., children in the vehicle) have a potentially, negative impact on driving performance. Reading this article was definitely an eye opening experience, not only did it specifically point out the quantitive decline in driving acuity but it also, for me, reiterated the potential dangers that my behaviors can bring about. Yes, the article did include a discussion regarding the significance of the results. Vries, & De Waard, 1991; Brown, Tickner, & Simmonds, 1969; Goodman et al., 1999; McKnight & McKnight, 1993; Redelmeier, & Tibshirani, 1997; Strayer, Drews, & Johnston, 2003; Strayer &, Johnston, 2001), and older drivers (Alm & Nilsson, 1995; Strayer, et al., 2003). University of Saarbruecken, Saarbruecken, Briem, V., & Hedman, L. R. (1995). “Passenger and Cell Phone Conversations in Simulated Driving” pointed out that the average age of driving in the cell phone simulation was 19.6 years of age and the average in the conversation simulation was 20.1 years of age. awareness in both the passenger and the cell phone condition. than participants conversing with a passenger. If so, list several titles. Psychological Science, 18, 407–413. Two nonmutually exclusive, explanations can be provided for this deficit: First, drivers conversing, on a cell phone may experience problems with keeping the. Behavioural effects of mobile telephone. What is your reaction to the research article? Human behavior and traffic safety. In addition, in the dualtask, condition they were instructed that their task was having a, conversation about a close-call story with their friend who was, either seated next to them as a passenger or conversing on a cell, phone. (2006). The advantage of using such, close-call conversations is that they involve the kinds of stories, that are often told among friends and produce a conversation that, is engaging. Considering Distracted Driving Impairment With, To understand the implications of performing a secondary task, while driving, it is useful to apply a conceptualization of the, driving task that can guide the analysis of performance deficits. cell-phone driver and the drunk driver. Note. Some investigators used putative, conversations in which the participants and a confederate alternately, generated a word and the other person had to generate a, word that began with the last letter of the previous spoken word, (Gugerty et al., 2004). In, addition, slow-moving vehicles were sometimes unsuccessfully, attempting to pass vehicles on the left side, significantly slowing. It is of theoretical importance, because a comparison between cell phone and passenger conversation, revolves around the similarities or differences between the, two contexts’ impact on the attentional resources of a driver. The art of conversation. The authors found that the use of a cell phone while, driving significantly reduced driver situation awareness and significantly, increased the perceived mental workload relative to no, phone and adaptive cruise control conditions. In the journal, students reconsider macro and micro skills for listening and note-taking discussed, in class and their application of the skills. After familiarization, one participant of a dyad was randomly selected to drive, the vehicle, the other, based on experimental condition, was either, the passenger or talking on the cell phone to the driver from a, different location. had been negatively affected in both conversation conditions. Suggestions from others. Measuring. Late penalty: 10% per day late, counted from 11:59 pm each day. 23. Is there a discussion of the significance of results? Gugerty et al. Also, quite surprisingly drivers conversing on the cell phone. spatial scenes. To simulate a conversation the authors used a word, game task in which the participants took turns saying words with, the constraint that a new word had to begin with the last letter of, the word spoken by the partner. 3. The passengers pointed out driving situations that the driver may have missed, similar to having an extra set of eyes on the road for you. likely that the driver’s cognitive limits were exceeded. Few authors have studied how passenger conversations affect driving, performance. In a meta-analysis, Horrey, and Wickens (2006) found that more naturalistic conversations, produced greater interference with driving than did more “synthetic”, information processing tasks, suggesting a greater engagement, for the former. Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research, Independent+Study+Assignment+Description.doc, Lecture+%23+1Introduction+to+the+course.ppt, Strategic Management Research Journal Part 4.doc, CASE STUDY C task 3. manage finances within budget, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research • ENG/GEN ALNT, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research • ENGLISH E.G. Bavelas et al. 2. For whom does it seem to have been written? theory of attention. Participants were instructed. Length: 300-400 words. Treffner and Barrett (2004) had participants, perform summations or categorizations. “Passenger and Cell Phone Conversations in Simulated Driving” was a study that investigated the difference between talking to passengers in the same vehicle and carrying on conversations utilizing a hands free cell phone device.

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