maxwell house low acid k cups

ALSO important is your preferred roast level---some like medium roasts while others like dark to very roasts. Thank you. I'm inclined to say that the John Kerry effect (married to Teresa Heinz) is the reason for the bad taste in my mouth but they've been married for several years and the coffee hs gone bad within the past 6-8 months. I'm so glad I found this web site! I used to love the smell of fresh coffee but these brands are doing something different, as if it's made cheaply with poisons. Sherry, unfortunately Folgers has changed too. At the end of the day, coffee is all about chemistry and changing up these factors can drastically improve your morning cup of Joe. This is also the time when I switched to drinking Folgers instant coffee. I will have to stop drinking this coffee. Judging by the amount of comments online (and people motivated enough to google the subject) Kraft has some explaining to do. I too have noticed over the past few months a change in the maxwell house coffee. I have been a coffee drinker for about 35 years. Is Max toying with us? Not sure what they are doing but certain it was something in the coffee. Itmay have been the cause of my Gal bladder having to be removed.. In November 2015 the flavor of the columbian to me has changed. Only with very strong chamiomile tea can we counteract all of this. I am now using an organic coffee. So seriously, go tell maxwell house what you've been saying on here. Glad I’m not the only one. I have dropped the can twice. The doc couldnt figure it out! At first I thought it was other items in our diet until I started cutting out coffee. Day 3 there is a dull pain (no longer sharp, shooting pain), so it definitely feels like it's getting better. Picked up a can of MH Morning Boost yesterday. I was thinking it was something wrong with our coffee machine or water. For the past couple weeks I've been getting very very ill. Just realized it's the coffee. So it seems 6 years have gone by and nothing has really changed from reading the post by others, Seems it would have been looked into by now or tested? There are so many other symptoms of past, I am now putting together with this whole coffee thing back when I was brewing the Starbuck's, Peet's etc. I have been drinking Maxwell House coffee for years, but in the last few weeks, since I've been using this newest tin, it's been making me sick to my stomach. I don't drink coffee for the taste anyway, I only drink it doped up with cream and sugar, but, even then...I only like this brand. The last few cans we purchased have been terrible. While the grounds were drying, I noticed some of the ground were blueish green. I also cleaned out my coffee maker. Maxwell House Original is definitely causing this rash. Store clerks don't know why..... it seems no one knows. The Chain brands add tons of fillers and artificial ingredients that should not be consumed. Still horrible. Second cup around 4 pm had me feeling even worse.Next morning I had my regular brand and am feeling great. I have always preferred whole bean small batch coffees and I drink folgers or the costco/kirkland brand when my budget doesn't allow for fancy beans. I don't have time to feel this sick. I’ve been drinking Folgers Classic roast medium coffee for awhile, I can’t drink a lot of caffeine or I’m super wired so I only drink it occasionally. It's the closest to old time MH I have found. What your getting in each can is a combination of Twigs and stems(allowable by FDA guidelines) along with a few leaves and some cheap defective/malformed coffee beans, be it arabica or robusta or a blend of both, in the never ending challenge to increase corporate profits year over year at any cost. I think this is not coffee . If i drink either or I am in the bathroom with horrible runs, and a trash can in front of me throwing up before I even drink half a cup of it. I've been using Maxwell House Lite for as long as they have been making it and before that it was Maxwell House original. Bought Maxwell House k cups yesterday at Walmart.. Drank 2 cups this morning. A few years ago I tried Maxwell House coffe. I am hooked, I am ole skool and will not buy anything else unless, my habit gets the best of me. Our coffee we brew at home is 100 times better than when MH & Folgers we’re still good. I made a huge mistake by buying a can of Maxwell Coffee at the Dollar Store, The can read MORNING BOOST IN YELLOW. Always put a little Nestles chocolate in to pep it up. I will grind a bag of Dunkin donut coffee and give it a try. I then found out my father ( living in another state) has the same problem. In the last week hubby now has the rash as well now. How long does coffee after that date. I am looking for a different brand that used to be like the good taste of MH. I sent them an email and will see if they answer me. I wondered why the price went way down, now I know! Yuck! No longer can you find the coffee isle just by that delightful aroma is gone. Any change would be instantly noticed, and it did. I seriously thought I was dying. It was one of those that's pretty fresh when you open it. During the week I can finish a pot of our coffee at work with no problems (Starbucks Blond Roast). It was Folgers. I haven't been able to drink it without getting extremely sick to my stomach. Had a 12 oz cup today & I'm miserable. But about a year ago I started getting heartburn. As I don't appear to be the only one, perhaps Maxwell House should check this out before anyone becomes seriously ill. After years of drinking coffee I quit about a month ago because I started getting ill after drinking it. At first, I thought something was wrong with the coffee maker because the coffee came out with virtually no color and the grounds looked like they hadn't gotten wet. To the person that made the statement that it's lots of other Coffee to choose from you couldn't be more correct. Fresh ground organic coffee beans are the answer. Then it started tasting like it had chemicals or drugs in it, so I stopped drinking it for about 2 years. I for one use to like Maxwell House but find that its taste leaves a lot to be desired,but it's other coffees as well,and you pay enough for coffee. I trust everyone else has done the same. I quit smoking because of the heartburn 3 years ago and thought maybe I quit too late, burn did not subside. In response to the Feb 15, 2017 comment about the coffee having a metallic taste, I have also been drinking it for over 30 years. I wont buy it ever again! Sickening. At $7.50 for two pounds at Wal-Mart, what do you expect, gormet coffee? We went through a stint a few years ago where I humored him and we drank it all the time. I started using MH Master Blend over 30 years ago. I don't OD on coffee, I have the same 2 - 3 cups per day. Two years ago I presented with horrid sulfur burps followed by literally peeing out of my rear, Van Wilder style. MH use to be a benchmark in coffee. I hope it hasnt had any carcinogenics in it ! I literally felt poisoned! husband and I rationalized for days that my symptoms must be the result of a possible new menopause episode I was transitioning into. And it taste like grain. I have been drinking Maxwell House Columbian for as long as I can remember recently purchased a 2 pound can of Columbian it was house blend which I hate and will not drink it's expensive if it happens again I will not buy anymore Maxwell House, I developed a rash on my face, neck, chest & back. What do they think? Something needs to be done, ASAP! Anyone else having this issue? I am going to return these and try to find some older cans of Cafe' Vienna at stores who may not sell product as quickly. It happens almost immediatly after i drank the coffee, it comes and go within half an hour. I had been drinking columbian,French roast. I have been drinking Maxwell Medium for years and my Mom too. I thought it was me....but after readign this thread, it's MH....the increased price (here in Fla) for the Columbin was one thing, now the decrease in quality....time to change after 20 years... After many years of enjoying MH 100% Arabica coffee, it disppeared.. Bought some of the other MH coffee to be sorely disappointed. So disappointed. Like others, same pain started soon after a couple cups. I'm calling the FDA Monday !!! Want the convenience of receiving artisan roasted coffee delivered monthly to your door? Something to consider if your maker is new. No brainer just pour 1 pot in for 1 bag. The taste is not great but not awful either. My Maxwell House is going in the garbage. Not the master blend I loved for years. I enjoy expensive coffee as much as the next guy, but economics demands Folgers Columbian. I switched and tryed several other coffees the symtoms subsided. Very intense pains... And I drink a LOT of,coffee. I was searching the web to find out why the coffee was so bad and found this blog. I immediately went out and bought my usual brand which is actually Walmart brand and magically everything began to get better and the next day I was back to normal. I thought I got a hold of a bad box. The taste was no better. I'm glad to see I am not the only one that has an issue with maxwell house. I have always been a fan of MH. Almost instant diarrhea. I finally found post from someone suggesting Yuban ORGANIC. If you find and ask anyone who drank it, a lot of them would tell you it's the best off the shelf coffee they've ever had. Recently, I am having stomach distress. Had no problems with coffee from that old jar. I was concerned that the cans I have stated 100% coffee. It's the only one I find to be smooth. No stomach problems either. Not as good as it was. When we went to the grocery store two weeks ago, there was nothing but Maxwell House Original on the shelf. Realized it could be that and switched to some organic publix brand today and feel great. It doesn't even smell good when brewing, like it use to. I feel normal again. I have come to the conclusion that the people at MH must not drink their own coffee, because they would never make it taste so bad if they did. I used to love Yuban for its 100% Columbian taste. I can't finish a cup of it before I feel weird. thanks! It's been ground and put into a non-tight can to spoil. I'am returning mine! They didn't give me the yes or no answer I asked for, so I am assuming their answer was "Yes" even though their answer implied the opposite. I tried organic coffee, so far only Sam's Club and no ill effects like pounding heart, upset stomach and tastes good too. I feel awful when I buy cheap coffee, but more expensive coffee seems to be getting worse, too. I bought some Keurig cups a few days ago and have finally put two and two together. Halfway through the can of decaf I found a bird feather amongst the ground coffee. Don't know what other brand to buy though. Never ever thought that it could be the Folgers that I changed to from Maxwell House. Click to play video . I have been drinking MH regular for 20 years. Totally undrinkable. Don’t let it stop you from savoring the rich flavors of decaf K cups, Brewed Coffee and Single Serve Coffee Pods. I would love to have this can lab tested. Tried 8 o'clock coffee and so far no bad after taste or ill effects. I made a big mistake buying MH coffee in the first place. One of the fillers might be corn grain, also other grains and Chicory. Haven't heard results of testing yet, but my local store pulled that batch from shelves just to be safe.

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