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He and Elena went to find the Ancient Armory to find a cure. When Lardine detainees went to Elena's house, he learn that a Exhibitionist monster name Chumba Bagingi escapes, and Greta told him that she was protecting him from all the weirdness of the monsters world. They manage to save all of the kidnap monsters and stops Sinistro plans but escapes. As a test, Timothy released a Monster Pod underground in Old Mill. At last Timothy began to educate him about the monster world Poddum-si. The United Organization Toons Heroes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Monster Allergy Week, Day 1. Greta Barrymore (mother), Zobedja Zick (father) Tessa (maternal grandmother) Theo (maternal grandfather). They were both release from Magnacat's mind control when Elena use the armory cup to his head. He manage to captured them, and spared Mugmug since he was the attraction to the park. While fighting the Monster Pod, he accidentally ended up Big Burg, the major city in the area. [1] Monster Allergy lasted 29 issues; however, it is still in the course of reprints, in newspaper stands on the 13th of every month. Barbucci and Canepa had previously co-created the W.I.T.C.H. When suddenly all the exits where sealed off, he and Elena went to the control room and find that some attack Jeremy. After their mission, Zick become an honorary member and decided to train to become a heroic saint. He and Elena manage to stop Gimbo by using the firework to remove his powers and captured him. The Dom can be contained in a Domaculum. When the first day of class in the ancient armory, he meet with the other tamers and Bobby Clash. Every issue contains a 44-page Monster Allergy story except the 30th that have 30 pages. The Tamer's special skill lies in mastering these methods and in knowing all the many types of monster races. When Lardine call them to got to Port Reef to transport Chumba, and getting reacquainted with Thaur Family. With the help of Bobby and Synakutz Bu, they manage to capture Grood along with Scabby and his accomplices when they mistake him as Grood. Monster Allergy is an Italian comic book about a boy, Ezekiel Zick, who is allergic to monsters and lives in a house that is actually a 'taming oasis' for misbehaved monsters, who are invisible to normal people. He returns the house, he told Elena what happen to him and the real Mr. Uzka came to help restore his body back to normal. He and Zob manage to stop the Sluggos by combining their Dom energy that solidify the slime that help save the house form demolition. Unknown to them, Jeremy-Joth was watching ever move that he did, and remove Timothy of his position for many rule violations. When they plan to go to central milk factory along with a truck full of cookies, he went back to the armory to get the pimple potion and meet up with Bobby and Teddy to help him. Monster Allergy is an Italian comic book series created by Alessandro Barbucci, Katja Centomo, Francesco Artibani and Barbara Canepa of Sky Doll. He returns the house, he told Elena what happen to him and the real Mr. Uzka came to help restore his body back to normal. When they were captured, Hector took his shadow to remove his memories and use it to find his treasure. When he turn to Elena, at first she doesn't believe that the monster has him, but when answered what was the first gift that she gave to him she realized that it was him. At the pier, the Rooge was unleashed by accident by Bombo and shock the vital energy of Carpentry and his men. Zick also likes the female Tamer name Lay Mamery. When he and Elena were relaxing in the beach, they saw the pirate ship to Unicorn and runs by an new captain name Baht Belasco. 1 Info 2 Story 2.1 Season 2 3 Story of Joining Sora's Team Zick is an 12-year-old loner (10 in the comic book series) who is considered "strange" for his ability to see monsters others cannot see. When he, Elena and Bombo create a replica vase and plans to replace it with the original. She is on good terms with Zick, even going to the lengths of trying to get to know him better despite what others have told her about him, as shown in Episode 1 and Issue 1. To recapture them, he went to Bibbur-Si to get help with Trengingigan. When their teacher stated that something sounds incredible doesn't mean it's impossible, he tells Elena that they experiences it first hand. After a short fight, teddy was trap, and he decides to help even though he betray tehm. He and Zob manage to stop the Sluggos by combining their Dom energy that solidify the slime that help save the house form demolition.

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