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Your order is complete and payment Magic: the Gathering quick reference price list for Standard If your data does not include foil or quantity click the appropriate button below the example data. This tool can not add items to an existing cart. You will receive an offer email once complete. If you are interested in selling the rest of these cards, checkout our Bulk Purchasing Program or contact contact Any FOIL MTG common, uncommon or promo- $0.03. Any NON-FOIL MTG rare or mythic - $0.05. Additional options (finish, condition, etc) are also available. Here are a few tips and tricks for using the CSV Import Tool: Think you’ve found a bug with the CSV Import Tool? Please enter the PayPal e-mail address you wish to Please submit it to the store as per the email mtg-ssm - Magic: the Gathering Spreadsheet Manager. Within seconds, the tool will import the cards, determine which ones match our buylist, and deliver an appraisal of all the cards we can buy from you. Not case-SEnsitivE. Last Name Your last name is required. An Upload a CSV file from your local computer, Enter the full URL to a publicly available CSV file, (Click pencil to edit with auto-complete. Additional options (finish, condition, etc) are also available. It’s no secret that we LOVE to make custom tokens. Please note: Individual card prices can fluctuate. Make sure the first four columns of your CSV contain: Card Name, Edition, Foil (1/true/yes and 0/false/no), and Quantity. Choose a method of transferring your CSV Collection data:Make sure the first four columns of your CSV contain: Card Name, Edition, Foil (1/true/yes and 0/false/no), and Quantity. together. I made this Data formatter specially to convert the tcg player app output to the Card Kingdom buylist format. For Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit, please use PayPal. The tool can also import/export data to/from these spreadsheets to other formats, such as CSV files. Be sure to add "csv import tool" to the subject line! Your buy order has been approved. Card Kingdom’s import tool requires the use of a CSV to import cards using the import tool. A few reasons a card may not be accepted are: 1. 1. To use this tool you will need to use a recent desktop version of Chrome or Firefox. After transferring cards to the cart, you may add up to 10,000 Rares, 1000 Mythic Rares, and 10,000 full art lands to the order. Quickly find the current value of your Magic The Gathering collection, in CSV format, and get paid in a snap! Are you sure you want to delete the saved cart. The CSV Import Tool was created for customers who are looking to sell large quantities of cards to us through our online buylist. This tool can not add items to an existing cart. The file must have the following columns: o Card Name – The name of the card. To get prices on these cards, please contact Submit Deck List name. How can I sort, package, and mail my order to Card Kingdom for payment? Official blog for Card Kingdom, delivering Magic: The Gathering cards and supplies from Seattle to the world since 1999. mtg-ssm is a tool for creating/updating user-friendly spreadsheets with Magic: the Gathering collection information. There are existing items in your cart. Any NON-FOIL MTG common, uncommon or basic land - $2.00 per 1000. If you wish to keep some of the cards, click the green cart icon only next to the cards you wish to sell. • Look for any unidentified cards. Enter your deck list in the panel below as shown. Several rows from your data have been displayed. You…, An announcement from Nefara, Rakdos Cultist: Card Kingdom customers, we have quite a spectacle for…. Any FOIL MTG rare, mythic or basic land - $0.10 .

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