my father sentence in english

My father is thirty-five years old. He is a loving and dutiful person who takes care of my entire family. He talks about the morality of life and explains the importance of elders. 10 Lines on My Father in English 120 Words on Father Essay. 3) He is the one who works hard for the family so that we could live a happy and prosperous life. They always support him and help him many times in the kitchen during his illness. He helps me and my younger sister in our studies every day. My father is my role model and I want to become like him one day. My dad is an Engineer by profession and is a very hardworking person. 3) My father is the head of our family and takes all the important decisions. He teaches us the value of time in life and says that if someone spoils his time, time destroys his life. I usually laugh at such comments and tell my father, he also laughs, says that he does not tell the truth but the truth is that I am happy that I have a son like you. My father always cares for me and calls my mother in the afternoon to know if I have reached home at the right time. Me consider myself very blessed to have such a father in my life. 6) He also works for a social work organization which helps poor families in becoming financially self-dependent. My father seldom smokes. He believes that a change starts from within and if you want to change something it has to start from you. 5. He is hard-working. In the morning, Papa helps me to get ready for school. Father refers to the male parent(माता-पिता) of a child in a family(परिवार). He is a very nice person and helps my neighbors in their difficult times. 2) Father always shares his own life experiences, so that we can take right decisions learning from them. He is an internet manager (a software engineer) in a limited company in New Delhi. His motto for life: Hard work, Sincerity and Dedication are the keys to success. He maintains cordial relations with our relatives, friends, and neighbours. He likes writing blogs, articles on various Social, Environmental, Technical, Political topics, etc topics. My father’s name is Mr. Raj Sharma. He is a person who helps a lot in getting ready for school, getting up from bed in the morning, and completing my homework well. ‘My father’ is the most beloved father in the world. Apart from being primary caregivers, fathers shower love and affection on their children entire life so that they can lead a balanced, peaceful and happy life. He always gives a very good example to understand anything easily. 3) My father always believes me and shows a sense of confidence in me. My mom is 45 years old but she looks very young. 4) Whenever I feel depressed or sad, he is the one who motivates me with his words. He is the head of our family and helps every family member in bad times. 7) He becomes angry whenever we do not follow the discipline of the house. "Father" My father is in. I am a Blogger, Web Developer, Webmaster, and Graduate (English). Here we bring “An Essay on my father in English” for Kids so that they can read this as a reference and write an essay to express their feelings and thoughts on this topic. My sister is starting school today, we are all very excited. He has his own business of online marketing, yet never pressures or attracts him to move forward in the same field, instead, he always promotes me for whatever I want to be in my life. My father is a teacher. They teach us that we should not make a person miserable throughout life and always help the needy people, especially old people. 8) … My father brings a lot of toys for my birthday. He plays hide-and-seek with me and my sister. I always call them Dad. Your father is tall. Unity is Strength - Meaning, Examples, Origin, Expansion, Importance and Short Stories, J & K Board Intermediate Exam Date Sheet 2019 - Winter Zone. He always respects his parents i.e. 5) His love for us and other family members is selfless and unconditional. 6) He is the one on whom the whole family can trust. So friends, hope you have understood everything, but if you have any problem then you can ask me by commenting below so that I can solve your problems. Without these, we are like a mother without children and water without fish. 5) His love for us and other family members is selfless and unconditional. They spend 15 minutes every day telling us about good habits and morals. 6) Father motivates us to be fit in life physically and mentally by doing exercises and yoga. My dad is kind and loving, too. He is a teacher in S K High School, Darbhanga. My Father is a really good father not because he helps me but because of his knowledge, strength, helpful nature, and especially to handle people properly. © Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt. Father plays a very important role in the family. My father grows rice. 1) My father is the most beloved person in my family, and he loves me the most. He is an intelligent person who answers all my questions in a … He is an intelligent person who answers all my questions in a witty way. Whenever I get upset, they give me very calm reasons and take me to the top room, they sit next to me, put their hands on my shoulder, and share their life experiences. My friends usually call me very fortunate to be the son of such a father. He spends some time in the garden every evening. He is always there to support me whenever I tend to fall. 4) My father is a very gentle person, and he is always ready to help others whenever they face any problem. Without the support of a father, a child can’t grow emotionally and intellectually. Sometimes we play some games together. My father respects(सम्मान) his own parents(माता-पिता), my mother, and each member(सदस्य) of my family. Is your father a doctor? He is an early riser. 1) Fathers have a very deep impact on the emotional well being of a child. 9) The respect and care he shows towards his parents act as an inspiration to my siblings and me. He is the one who does not contribute less than our mother in securing our future. Family members are given below with sample sentences: 1. We should never ignore old people in difficult times because this time comes in the life of everyone. My father is a very good player and an artist. They share their shortcomings and achievements to tell me. A father is the one who stands rock solid beside his family and protects(रक्षा करना) them from the evil gaze of society. I still remember all my childhood moments with my father. A father(पिता) is the one who maintains(बनाए रखना) strict discipline among the family members and is looked upon with respect by everyone. 3) My father always believes me and shows a sense of confidence in me. 4) Father, being the head of the family, discusses the problems of every family member and gives his best advice. How old is your father? He is short and healthy. He loves and cares for my mother very much and advises her to rest when she is tired of household chores. My name is AK Sharma (Alok Kr. The school principal punished him for my brother fighting at school yesterday. These are my ‘fathers’ who want to see everyone in the family happy and always ask them to solve their problems whenever they are sad. 3) Every father should act as a role model for his children. We have a small garden. Are, to make me realize, I tell my mistakes and shortcomings including success, what I am doing right, and what is wrong.

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