polar regions of sodium benzoate

The spot which travels the furthest is the least polar and the spot that travels the least is more polar. The proper amount is estimated instead. Select one of the two dyes that was present in your unknown dye solution. What reaction product(aside from water) was separated in the aqueous layer during the reaction workup? Why was a redistillation step included in this distillation experiment? Because of this, 1-methoxy-4-propoxybenzene must be less polar because it traveled further. Every extraction removed more cinnamaldehyde, if there was only one wash, there would be higher amounts of cinnamaldehyde left behind. The reason ethylene chloride would from a layer on the bottom is because it has a higher density than the other two (water and 9-Fluorenone) substances in the solution. In the Data and Results Table, you have identified the peaks in your gas chromatogram. In Experiment 4B, a chemical reaction occurred to form sodium benzoate. Since the stereoisomers have the same chemical composition but each chiral center has a different chirality, they are enantiomers. Ethylene chloride, ClCH2CH2Cl (98.96 g/mol, density = 1.26 g/mL, bp = 83 °C), is an organic solvent with polarity similar to methylene chloride, and is also not miscible with water. What compound is less polar, 4-methoxyphenol or 1-methoxy-4-propoxybenzene? One has same looking molecule as the product above, but both chiral centers are R. How are the stereoisomers that you drew in part (b) related to each other? What is the role of sodium bicarbonate in this reaction? When the mixture started to boil, the vapor would be cooled by the water in the condenser. In the first error mentioned, we would be conducting calculations using higher mass of 9-Fluorenone than we actually have in the aqueous layer, thus lowering the value of our partition coefficient. Consider the calculated partition coefficients for Experiments 4A and 4B. Sodium benzoate is a substance which has the chemical formula C 6 H 5 COONa. The product of this reaction contains two stereocenters. This chemical reaction should be included in the Reaction Scheme section (hint: review common types of chemical reactions in aqueous solutions from general chemistry, such as precipitation, acid-base, gas-forming, and oxidation-reduction). Why?Using this information, Peak Identities should be assigned in Data and Results Table 2. Circle and label the region of the molecule that exhibits polar behavior. On the other hand, toluene has a much higher boiling point, which is why more toluene was shown being extracted from the solution as the temperature increased. This would cause it to return back into the flask. Consult the IR spectrum of 4-methoxyphenol included below, on page 6. Why? The reason ethylene chloride would from a layer on the bottom is because it has a higher density than the other two (water and 9-Fluorenone) substances in the solution. Assuming ideal separatory funnel performance (complete phase separation and no loss of solvent into the stem during venting), which piece of laboratory glassware provides a more accurate determination of the partition coefficient, and why? For the other one, there was no known solute that had matched the color change or Rf value. Draw the chemical structure of 9-fluorenone and use it to answer the following solubility based questions: What is the purpose of the sodium sulfate? The substance would have percents closer to 100% with each redistillation. It is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and exists in this form when dissolved in water. This is because like dissolves like, so nonpolar dissolves nonpolar and polar dissolves polar.

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