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Lots of people in our church have taken members into our homes because this happens so frequently. These asylum seekers makeup 0.15% of the local population in Bromsgrove District. For further details, see the He provides no process for adjudicating on these matters. RE = Redacted: we redact these figures if they do not allow the calculation of a reliable estimate and therefore don’t provide a fair measure of performance. It is factually untrue to suggest that everybody who is rejected (even a majority of people whose claims are rejected) remain and work on the black market. The percentage of pupils missing 10% or more of the mornings or afternoons they could attend, meaning that if a pupil’s overall rate of absence is 10% or higher across the full academic year they will be classified as persistently absent. We published the provisional results in October 2019, the revised results in February 2020 and the final results in March 2020. endobj I would not be surprised, given the existing lock down, if this particular decision was taken because it is a means of receiving income for that hotel during a period in which nobody else will be using it. To put that into some context, Evangelical Christians make up around 3% of the UK population (c. 2m people). Percentage of possible mornings or afternoons recorded as an absence from school for whatever reason, whether authorised or unauthorised, across the full academic year. Almost all asylum seekers are not allowed to work and are forced to rely on state support – this can be as little as £5 a day to live on. Bromsgrove railway station is the local station for the centre of the district, but there are several others within the district. ���L��r�$�����lˊ��v吿OU��H��H$� �س��=������>{����_��v{��쳷o_����?mߝ=����Ϟ����g}��__���_Ͼ��o����/~z���|���g��W���տNO��k�^������R���kȖv�dۭo���}+��)�}ԭ$�S�~�r{)[�uoc���a[} R���#�xuK��z�3� e�rk{]�[�s�K����g���f��s��T���X���0���]i�Vu�4馾���1�&Sr�;��]5׵Ne���3����0��9w�&�4�Z벿�=�Ͱ�N������-:��.�5!w����Ni�^%UH�}ꡋ7�����S��{�Pn�0�3\�k�%�x��pbFX+�P6�(�}�z�a���CʎiX�����kH���>��-6G4=�On�q(�B\�#FSV�p�p��6b�f�V)C1�����;ԡ���Dg���Mى " �� �y��u�;���eCۀwp���=;ʵK� ~T��yY��k� {���3ܓ����3r/�p5|�X�j|�1w@l=-g\E�,�� ,�9&�7���M��s�t�#�lՃ�n��Β���DMca(5j���z�(�zm�`�{���5w� �^@��2C -X���#����0d��7OU@NSɍ�,+R����C5希{��b����'i]j�u2��8;��@e�� �VTH�y\�Q@��r˒���*m��(�+��eiu�fk�jQ�Soc�X �u The very fact that they are in that hotel, managed by Serco who hold the government contract, means that they are specifically here legally under the auspices of the government. This file includes the school or college's details such as its address, phone number and gender of entry. We publish results for independent schools, but they are not accountable against these measures. The figures below are for the 2018/2019 academic year, which is the latest year for which performance results have been published. Question: What is the population of Worcestershire? And why should they? Nobody thinks that Evangelicals are swamping the country. Nigel Farage took it upon himself to “expose” the fact that 150 asylum seekers had been placed in the Hilton Hotel in the Bromsgrove District. Accept cookies. for 2013 to 2014 onwards. Anglican primates conference: what will the evangelicals do? Sixth, it was stated that there was no consultation. I would love Mr Farage to come to my church and explain to all the folks who have been rejected, and those we’ve seen repatriated, that we have an open door policy. Competition: Bromsgrove town centre. Nevertheless, I have never been consulted by the local Travelodge regarding to whom they let their rooms. Open help text for Community school opens a popup, Open help text for Ofsted rating opens a popup, Open help text for Non-selective opens a popup, Open help text for Financial information opens a popup, Open help text for Get information about schools opens a popup, Open help text for Download data 2015-2018 opens a popup, Open help text for Progress 8 score opens a popup, Open help text for Progress 8 score for North Bromsgrove High School (2019)), Open help text for Entering EBacc opens a popup, Open help text for Staying in education or entering employment for at least 2 terms after key stage 4 opens a popup, Open help text for Grade 5 or above in English & maths GCSEs opens a popup, Open help text for Attainment 8 score opens a popup, Open help text for EBacc average point score opens a popup, Subjects entered at key stage 4 in 2018/2019, Advanced level qualifications (level 3) results over time, Print full information about this school/college, Staying in education or entering employment, Grade 5 or above in English & maths GCSEs, Total number of pupils on roll (all ages), Pupils with an SEN Education, Health and Care Plan, Pupils whose first language is not English, Pupils eligible for free school meals at any time during the past 6 years, LOWCOV = Low coverage: shown for the ‘value added’ measure and coverage indicator where schools have less than 50% of pupils included in calculation of the measure, NA = Not applicable: figures are either not available for the year in question, or the data field is not applicable to the school or college, NE = No entries: the school or college did not enter any pupils or students for the qualifications covered by the measure, NP = Not published: for example, we do not publish Progress 8 data for independent schools and independent special schools, or breakdowns by disadvantaged and other pupils for independent schools, independent special schools and non-maintained special schools, SP = Small percentage: the number is between 0% and 0.5%. According to the UNHCR, there are currently 4.2m asylum seekers worldwide and 26m refugees. These figures were published in April 2020 and relate to students who completed their 16 to 18 studies in the summer of 2019, except where stated otherwise. <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> His concern appears to be (as a couple of people in the video state) that the hotel is full. For most establishments, there is also data about the school's exam results (up to 3 years of data), Ofsted rating, pupil absence and other details. If we can reproduce a problem, we can try to fix it. This is a new service. Guidance and supporting documentation on school performance tables: Understanding school and college performance measures (opens in a new window), Methodology and technical documents (opens in a new window), Guidance on approved qualifications (opens in a new window). <>/Metadata 4830 0 R/ViewerPreferences 4831 0 R>> Answer: Worcestershire, United Kingdom (Administrative unit: England) - last known population is ≈ 575 400 (year 2014).This was 0.894% of total United Kingdom population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+0.52%/year), Worcestershire population in 2020 would be: 593 567*. A clear explanation will help us fix the problem. Almost half the number of people who seek to come are rejected and not granted refugee status. Try again now or later. These temporary hotels are usually less than ideal because they have no cooking facilities and whole families are often put into single rooms. If Serco want to approach the Hilton and offer them a contract to let their rooms to asylum seekers, why should they not be permitted to do that? Bromsgrove is forecast to increase from 41,300 in 2018 to 42,400 in 2040, an increase of approximately 3% (Table 2-1). Given all that, apart from racial prejudice, how do we explain his complaints and those of the people in the video alongside him? 2 0 obj Mr Farage went on to argue that even if the applications are rejected “which they mostly are” (see above, this is false), everybody stays and ends up working regardless. And why should they? Hotels are both a temporary, and a sub-optimal, measure. x��[�n���?�Q Those figures are tiny. Seventh, Mr Farage repeatedly mentioned ‘open doors’ or ‘the consequences of open doors’.

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