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One can locate adult stem cell research scientists via their publications through the National Library of Medicine ( Would love to know what places you recommend. All statements, opinions and references provided by are for informational purposes only. Arthritis was diagnosed in October and I have been taking medication for pain since then, which doesn’t help. I am looking at having to have torn meniscus ‘cleaned up’ which could just exacerbate bone on bone knee joint. This cost me $2750, and resulted in some belly pain, but no discernable effect on the aching shoulder. I also suffer form near full thickness RC tear. Which one(s) are you referring to? I am wanting to have umbilical cord stem cell treatment for heart problems. Hello Jennifer and thank you for sharing. Run from those guys. First in April 2012 costs NZ$8,000 and another in March 2014 costing NZ$4,000. It will be interesting to see their comments. I know exactly where to go, right near me. At the injury site only a slight layer of menicus. Currently in the US, the ONLY way to receive living stem cells via injection therapy is thru autologous means. Small studies have given hints of a generally good safety profile and maybe some positive effects for some ortho conditions, but it is early days and there are always risks. if you have had Stem Cell therapy has it worked? Please also see our 2020 guide and polls on stem cell treatment cost.. But he knew someone in Kentucky. This a follow-up. Not invasive. It does still get ‘tired’ and a little sore but it’s only been about 6 wks since stem cells. of my legs. But otherwise have good movement. Stem cell therapy has been life changing for me. Insurance does not pay for experimental therapies, which stem cell treatment is considered. He had two hips, two knees and a shoulder replaced. Not just reading random posts. What kind of stem cells do you use? There is risk with any needle, esp if it goes near your spinal area. I have performed stem cell treatments on many patients with COPD both IV and through nebulizer. Is there a difference? The doctor said there are no controls studies of how this effects people so it is a wait and see. I saw a video of them doing the procedure on youtube and I feel that they are inherently more trustworthy since they are a not-for-profit. Our motto could be articulated as “Not lost in translation!” Stem cells are a topic that concerns the people of the world, not just certain countries or certain people speaking only in certain languages. Two treatments of maybe 40 injections each time. I have had 3 PRP injections and recently a stem cell injection in my left hip using the stems from the bone marrow in my right hip. Have these almost all been the same kind of cells? I am tired of surgery. As I have stated in the past, my disease, Stage-IV SLE, is a chronic progressive degenerative terminal disease, which necessitates periodic stem cell transplants to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Not saying I would not have had it done if I had to choose but it did cost in total about NZ$30,000. In particular, we'll go over…. The answer because that’s the best treatment shouldn’t cut it for anyone, you want to know why it’s the best treatment for you, if they can’t explain that walk away. Hi Steve T and all, I have a change of heart!!! I am seeing a hand surgeon tomorrow. I had an amniotic stem cell transplant into my right shoulder sixty days ago today. I just received a similar treatment with cord cells and would be interested in comparing notes on side effects and results. If you are “bone on bone” as told by your doctor, don’t take that as God’s word. Was the clinic upfront that you may need repeated treatments before you even got the 1st treatment? Katrina. I will most likely not live long enough to see a gene modification procedure created to correct genetic diseases. Goto YouTube and search “laserguided Stem Cell Therapy knees”. Whole body skin feel firm n baby skin but side effect I hav terrible itchy hives till I hav to see doctor for medications to stop the itch. Q&A #3: what is PRP & is it worth trying? I’m going to just give this up until they have better research or proof it really works … and how exactly it works with no surprises lol..I am sorry the I feel in the medical community, this sort of “hope” given to people for all that money, to not really know if it will work or not, is unethical. I am thinking of taking them to small claims court. I’m in Texas was thinking about getting this done cost is 7000.00 for both knees and left hip. Just diagnosed with severe OA right hip, moderate in left. IT DOES WORK!!! Actually I had amniotic stem cell injection in my hip (osteoarthritis) went 9 weeks without ibuprofen, ice or any other anti inflammatory medication. I know of a company and they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. There seems to be a lot to learn about at the delivery end, and potentially a trust issue without real evidence, for us at least. My left hip is also quite painful also due to hypermobility. Doc says that the stem cells form a “scab” and that I could still tear off that scab.) Although there are stem cells in fat they are not very successful for cartilage stimulation and you will throw away your money. Paul. I’m 73 yo and have torn meniscus and OA. Just to be clear what I have been challenging clinics to do is to charge “at cost” (no profit). (Nervana, Robin?) Reading your blog it seems you place everybody into the category of placebo or snake oil.

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