tesla battery energy density vs gasoline

The Tesla, currently among the most powerful PEVs on the market, can store the equivalent of 53 kWh when fully charged. Battery energy density is the amount of energy that can be stored in the same amount of weight. Tesla's lithium-ion batteries simply lack the energy density to be competitive with gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles. Argonne National Laboratory says the energy density of battery powered vehicles will not be the same as gasoline powered vehicles until some time in … Most current EVs use lithium-ion batteries that store no more than the equivalent of 16-24 kWh of energy in a single charge, short of the amount of energy in a gallon of gasoline. A subcompact car with a 10-gallon gas tank can store the energy equivalent of 7 Batteries shown: present lithium ion (red), theoretical maximum of lithium ion (yellow), nickel metal hydride (green), and lead acid (blue). Although gasoline drive systems (black) reach much higher energy densities for long-range applications, electric drives have higher energy density for shorter-range travel. Think about it as the amount of range that can be …

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