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We wanted to link current pros to the film and see how they have benefited from the path that Peter’s generation paved. HD | 1280x720 (2.24 GB) SD | 960x436 (684.83 MB), Unlimited Watch Now streaming access to over 1000 surf movies, TV shows and more, Watch Now on your favorite devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku, computer and more, FREE 7 day trial membership, then low monthly price of $5.99. Along the way we see many of the people and locales Bruce visited during the filming of Endless Summer (1966). TGR’s world-class storytelling has captivated audiences for more than 20 years. The untold story of Andy's life serves to tear down the myths associated with these two ferocious diseases. "I never want to repeat myself," says Steele, "so each project I try to push to another level. SNZ: How did you become involved in the production? SNZ: The New Zealand premiers are coming, what are you looking forward to the most? © 2020 Opper Sports, Inc. All Rights Reserved. With this mindset, Proximity emerged.... Read more. SNZ: What else do you want to tell everyone out there? Looking for something to watch? LC: The challenges were all the parts that people don’t see- the editing, tracing down old footage, the phone calls- I guess all the paper parts of the film. Most recently his image of Kelly Slater was inducted into the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. Rolling Stone's 30 Best Sports Movies of All Time. The board was refurbished and it turned out it was shaped by legendary charger Peter Way, New Zealand*s first ever national champion in 1963. This is not uncommon. Gisborne 9/1: Venue: The dome Cinema & Bar 7pm Movie. Sign In Written by Whangamata 8/30: Venue: Whangamata Surf Club / 7pm Movie / 8:30 Q & A / 8:45pm Music by: The Bollands The film traces the journey of a surfboard from the 1960s found washed up on a beach back to its creator, Peter Way. TGR is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, BICEP, Surfrider Foundation, IMBA, and Protect Our Winters. The 66-minute film features a unique style with its Super 8mm footage and great original music from White Buffalo and the up and coming musician and singer Kristi Jo. Already a Premium Member. According to Devon Howard, Editor, LongBoard Magazine, "This new film by Dana Morris is part of a recent movement within the surf movie... Alex Knost, Matt Armstrong, Noah Shimabukuro, Use of the TheSurfNetwork service and this web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Check below for screening times and a quick behind the scenes interview with producer Luke Cameron. LC: The highlights were for sure meeting Peter and hearing first hand what it was like to grow up in the 60’s and be one of the first surfers at a lot of the now well-known breaks in New Zealand. Learn more about our Premium Membership, GiftingThis allows you to pick a movie, episode or complete season to be given as a gift to a lucky recipient. The ultimate tool for New Zealand surfers, Copyright © 2020 Greenroom Surf Media Limited. now i am a jersey boy, born in nyc, know nothing about surfing. The Way – Surf Documentary has finally hit the shores of New Zealand and starts screening around the country on Friday. Vaya con Dios , brah. You can also download and transfer a video you own to portable devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod) for offline viewing. Bruce Brown, king of surfing documentaries, returns after nearly thirty years to trace the steps of two young surfers to top surfing spots around the world. You have the option to deliver the gift via email or printing a certificate on your own printer. LC: As we started digging into Peter’s past we started learning more and more about surfing back in the 60’s and 70’s and the evolution of competitive surfing in New Zealand. Which of these sports documentaries is the most uplifting? Nelson 9/06 The Way is an inspirational story of the adversity and challenge professional surfers go through while on their journey to the world stage. You can also download and transfer a video you own to portable devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod) for offline viewing. From 11-time world champion Kelly Slater and current champ John Florence, to big wave icon Shane Dorian and breakthrough performer Albee Layer, these are the definitive talents from every aspect of the sport. SNZ: Give a brief background on the movie? but i know a great film and this is one. As a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, Todd has captured some of the biggest names in the surf world and photographed some of the world's most famous and dangerous waves. Featured in the 2010 release "Surfer Magazine: Fifty Years," Todd was awarded a Follow The Light Foundation grant in 2008 and won 2009 Surfer Magazine Photo of the Year, amongst numerous other awards." Named one of surfing's "Ten Most Influential People" by Surfer Magazine, director Taylor Steele's two decades of experience and 25 award-winning films continue to challenge and redefine the ways we see, think about and experience the art of surfing. SNZ: How did the documentary evolve as time went on? This FAQ is empty. LC: The whole idea started when my friend and now co-producer Ben Winmill came across an old Peter Way surfboard. STONE SOUP PRODUCTIONS and NZ GREEN ROOM FILM presents a LUKE CAMERON film "THE WAY" music by THE BOLLANDS narration by WILL STOWERS director of photography SAM CHATTERJEE CHRIS KIRKHAM DAMON MEADE produced by DANIEL HAILSTONE LUKE CAMERON BEN WINMILL and CHRIS KIRKHAM archival footage ANDREW MCALPINE DAMON MEADE PETER WAY MAZ QUINN PAIGE … If you're from a small country and are trying to make it to the world stage of surfing, then look no further than The Way. SNZ: What have been the highlights of the venture for you? Something that scares me just a little. As the plot develops the surf takes more of a backseat, until Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) shreds the ultimate wave by paying the ultimate price. The ocean taunts us and teases us to pursue an unattainable perfection, but when conditions finally do come together, it’s magical. With Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis, Sanoe Lake. Get the board back to the man who shaped it, make a surf trip out of it and connect with current pros and see how they’ve all made surfing their lives.

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