things to do with empty milk jugs

To make a large Santa like the one shown, go to The Hiland Home for the instructions. Shake well and let sit for an hour or so then rinse out completely. I know I'm going to have to start saving right now. Can you imagine having a few of these along your walkway? Crafters never fail to amaze me with the ideas that they come up with. Cute-ify your toy scoop with a sharpie and some creative cutting to make this super-functional tub toy. Honestly, there are a lot of items that I won’t buy new. Okay, so this really isn't the milk jug, but it came with the jug, so I thought I … This is so easy to do and so very festive. Easy and inexpensive. If you can make a bunting, you can make these glamorous mini shades for your twinkle lights. If you want to make the kids cute, but inexpensive, boxes to hold their Valentine cards, this project is perfect. Grow tomatoes upside down inside hanging milk jug planters. Avoid cross-contamination by using these home made measuring cups to measure out stinky stuff like fertilizer or paint. |. When it breaks, you can recycle it without guilt. I reuse old towels in new ways. Use a sewing needle or small nail and poke a handful of drainage holes in the bottom of your jug. Fortunately, there are enough milk jugs in the recycling bin that you can all be Spartacus. The soil around the jug will keep it from leaking out too much and your plant will drink what it needs to when it needs to! Hide the ugly lighting in your rental apartment with this chic and cheap hack. Find the directions at The Party Bakery. This is a great project if you like to decorate outdoor for Halloween. By submitting your name and email, you are giving us permission to email you. The directions can be found at Mother Nature Network. Worried about chilly weather? You'll find the directions for the monster heads by going to Fun 4 the Children. Fill with water and put the cap back on to water away! This very attractive zinnia can be made by following the instructions given at Creative DIY Crafts. I think this is an outstanding project for Halloween. Before you throw out another plastic milk jug, consider the crafty potential. Use an empty milk jug to make homemade gift baskets – If you’re needing a cute gift basket or Easter basket, you can use a milk jug to make one! Sitting on/by fake tombstones or half ones like crawling out of the ground. Snowmen like these would put everyone in the holiday spirit. Decorate in any way that you want and you’re done! Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on September 25, 2013: I love the ghost milk jugs! Turn a headlamp and a milk jug full of water into a camping lantern. If you’re worried about it being too cold for them, wrap it in an old towel to help insulate against the cold. My vet charges $10 for those stupid, plastic Elizabethan collars aka lampshades. Traditional Ollas are made from clay, but modern life gives me no time and milk jugs. Instructions are found there also. Max is a personal finance writer, filmmaker, producer, and beekeeper. Use them to store things like push pins, nails, school supplies and more! But this scoop is also a great cleanup tool for Lego blocks. Quilters will surely love this fabric scrap storage idea. Cut off the top with the pour spout. Can a Netherlander please explain why pink milk jugs exist for any reason other than as the raw material for these cute piggy banks? Cut the sides out and decorate them with any designs that you want and use them as homemade garden markers. Like that old saying goes: If you chop your own wood, you warm yourself twice. When I make it, I'll find the directions at Pikadilly Charm. Use empty milk jugs to make a milk jug bird feeder – Upcycle your old milk jugs by making a milk jug bird feeder. As seen on TV… but a lot cheaper. Please share your DIY genius. Suggestion included is to cut the scraps in sized pieces for future quilting projects. For safety and picking ease, just face these hanging planters toward the inside of your balcony, please. Go to All Because She Saved for the tutorial. I just love!!! Do you want to hoard your handmade ornaments and butterflies all to yourself? They’re super easy to make and after they’re done, you can show the kids how to water the garden! Plus you can use the rest of the empty jug to make something else useful too so that it isn’t wasted! one in a chair holding a pepsi can like going to take a drink. Blessed x. We hate spam as much as you do and as such, promise to never sell or rent your email. Here is a little different version of a milk jug flower. Mr. If you get creative enough, you can actually use them in ways that you would never think of. Be sure to read the tip about the type of glue to use. The thin edge of the milk jug allows me to pick up piles of bees without squishing anyone. Make your own shaming tool for your pet out of a plastic jug for free. For more information about this, please see our disclosure policy.As an associate of and other websites, I may earn a small commission whenever you click through a link from this site. For the directions, go to Eighteen25. The colors of paints used can make a huge difference when making monster heads. Make a speedy vacation toy that you won't have to bring home. You can find the directions for this pinata at Green Eco Services. Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on October 02, 2014: Thanks for your visit, Justin, and your comment about making the ghosts. Don't forget to save those milk jug lids to upcycle into that beaded curtain your yard always needed. Why pay for plastic plant stakes or garden tags when you can make your own? So easy to make and so cute. This classic mask design also works for Stanley Kubrick-themed costume parties. But crafters take note: The edge of the dustpan will let you clean up the finest of powders. I think if a person made a pattern when making the first one, it would be easy to make many of them later. This little bird house feeder would look so nice hanging in the back yard......and think how the birds will love it. My yard had skeleton sitting, standing, in a coffen upright, in a trunk as a pirate with beads,fake coins/bills and a patch on his eye with a fake butcher knief and a few whiskey bottles around the chest in the yard. to make your own stencils. Leave a bit of the jug above the ground and paint your jugs black. Make this useful and attractive pumpkin candy holder by going to Free Kids . Priceless. Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. Use empty milk jugs to make a large scoop – When you make the funnel from above, save the rest of your jug. Donnette Davis from South Africa on October 13, 2012: Love the cheese cloth ghost. One of my favorite ways to upcycle milk jugs actually comes from a place that sits right outside of my hometown in Ohio. See how it is done, by going to The Hiland Home for the directions. Use empty milk jug garden markers – Speaking of gardening, using milk jugs to make homemade garden markers is a snap! A monster pinata would be welcome at a birthday or Halloween party. For the directions, go to TLC. My favorite is the mask idea. Solar lights are what make these ghosts gleam. You can use it to make a large scoop that can be used  for scooping things like pet food, potting soil and more. (See also: 18 Awesome, Practically Free Upcycled Craft Projects), Like that old saying goes: If you chop your own wood, you warm yourself twice. Win the neighborhood pumpkin-carving contest without even touching squash. Don't worry. All you need to make these Martha Stewart-worthy winter decorations is an X-ACTO knife, scissors, a cookie cutter, a hole punch, and a washable marker. Use empty milk jugs to store plastic bags – Tired of all of those plastic shopping bags taking over under the sink or your junk drawer? If you get a sharp edge on your cut, use some fine grade sandpaper to sand it down so that it isn’t quite as sharp. Hope you have lots of fun making and displaying them. To make yours, paint or decorate it however you want. The directions for making these votives can be found at Bliss, Bloom, Blog.

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