to claim that before roe v wade there were thousands

| Irondale, AL 35210 |. Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. In a horrible parody of a baby shower, the article describes how friends brought gifts to her home on the appointed abortion day. Will we legalize it in a few years by willingly falling for the same line used by the pro-abortionists? ", They were dead wrong, of course. Wouldn't they instead try to increase business by maintaining spotlessly antiseptic clinics like those operated by Portland, Oregon illegal abortionist Ruth Barnett? In view of recent actions by some pro-abortionists and abortion clinics, perhaps we really shouldn't be too worried about the number of women who will die of illegal abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned. The claim that thousands of women died before Roe was invented in the years leading up to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, when pro-abortion men, set on manipulating the public, began the push for decriminalizing abortion. One obvious characteristic of these ravings in the almost explosive level of indignation and anger that seems to boil off the page as pro-aborts compete with each other to see who can make up the most garish and ridiculous story. I was simply a woman who believes that her uterus was her own, as was the decision as to when or if it would bear a child. The relatives or friends of many poor women who have died of abortion are unaware of their remedies at law, are intimidated by or utterly mistrust the legal system, or are afraid of reporting problems due to fears of retaliation. The cause of death listed on a death certificate often appears to have nothing to do with the abortion that caused the death, and this listed cause can be directly affected by the information provided by the abortionist. Dr. Matthew Bulfin polled 486 obstetrics/gynecology specialists at a 1974 convention in Las Vegas regarding their experiences with deaths and complications relating to legal abortion. The claim that thousands of women died before Roe was invented in the years leading up to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, when pro-abortion men, set on manipulating the public, began the push for decriminalizing abortion. Page 260. Additionally, many county coroners do not keep cross-indexed records of people who die because of medical malpractice. 1990 (110th Edition). Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office. The drunken old butcher coming at them, a whiskey glass in one hand and a sharp instrument in the other, saying to them "You can take your pants down now, but you shoulda ha, ha left 'em on before." Article published in 1984 by the American Life League, Post Office Box 1350, Stafford, Virginia 22554. Doctor's views vary, but they tend to lean toward the belief that life begins sometime before birth. For example, 32 of the 174 abortion deaths listed in Figure 59-1 have occurred in Los Angeles, a rate five times higher than the nation as a whole. No organization or individual has performed comprehensive state-by-state research into the malpractice, coroner, or public health records involving abortionists and abortion clinics, because reporting practices vary widely from state to state. In 1973, there were no female justices on the United States Supreme Court. This agrees almost perfectly with the Centers for Disease Control figure of 90 fatalities in 1972. 7     Unknown    7/18/76        Chicago,   Unknown   Chicago Sun-Times,                                                                      Illinois                              11/19/1978, Jane Roe No. Finally, the article says that about ten percent of all abortions are performed in the second trimester. Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States, Revolutionary Worker, November 6, 1989. Many women who obtain abortions are ashamed or embarrassed by the circumstances under which they got pregnant and/or by the act of killing their preborn child. The clinic (more like a mansion really) is very nice and comfortable. Therefore, after the Supreme Court's Webster decision in mid-1989, there appeared to be an unofficial but enthusiastic contest waged among pro-abort writers to see just who could produce the most graphic and sensational picture of 'the way things were. This book was written by the Neofeminists in anticipation of tougher days, and is a totally unselfconscious description and endorsement of all of the 'self-help' methods of abortion. Speculum Press/Self-Health Circle, Inc., Post Office Box 1063, Hollywood, California 90028. Figure 59-1 lists the names of nearly 200 women who have died of 'safe and legal' abortion since Roe v. Wade. Naturopath Ruth Barnett was a close friend of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. New York: Psychological Dimensions Publishers. [37], And pro-aborts from India say that the total number of women dying of illegal abortions before legalization was an incredible 600,000 annually. This incident helps illustrate the incredible arrogance of pro-abortionists who will continue to lie like rugs even when they are caught red-tongued, and shows how out of touch with reality they really are. Every Woman Has the Right to Know the Dangers of Legal Abortion. But, despite Nathanson’s admission and the fact that Wen’s number is clearly not factual, the abortion-friendly media failed to challenge the new Planned Parenthood president. And what about hysterectomies? He perforated her uterus and she died three days later. [5] Christopher Tietze, M.D., and Stanley K. Henshaw, M.D. El Paso, Texas abortionist Raymond Showery was convicted of murder in 1983 for drowning a baby who survived one of his abortions. (2) The Pro-Life Action League, 6160 North Cicero Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60646, telephone: (312) 777-2900, FAX (312) 777-3061. Dr. Bulfin concluded that "Deaths and near deaths do occur with every type [of] abortion procedure. Since the Court's decision in Roe v. Wade, judicial interpretation of the constitution is that abortion is legal. There will always be women who abort themselves for the sake of absolute privacy, even if all barriers to obtaining abortions have been eliminated. The Oregonian, September 3, 1989, page A9. Column (6) X 1.784. Los Angeles Times, December 10, 1987. Some current abortionists seem to be almost insane in their reckless disregard for human life, both born and preborn, as described in the following paragraphs. Childbirth-related mortality is measured in terms of deaths per 100,000 births, and includes all maternal deaths due to pregnancy and its termination by whatever means, including miscarriage, natural birth, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and abortion, and those deaths due to incidents that do not result in termination of pregnancy; • embolism (most of which occur during abortions);• hypertensive diseases of pregnancy;• non-obstetric injuries;• obstetric hemorrhage;• cerebrovascular accidents;• anesthesia complications; and• all causes included in abortion-related mortality. When pro-life activists in several cities asked questions about the persons in the letters, they were met with shouts accusing them of "Insensitivity!". The procedure is rather dishonestly referred to as "menstrual extraction" (ME) so the woman undergoing the process can never really be sure if she is aborting or just "getting rid of her period. But in the 'morality' of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics? Additionally, maternal childbirth mortality figures include those women who died of infections and other complications for up to six months after delivery, whereas the abortionists only include those numbers for women who actually die on the procedure table or very soon after a week later, at the outside. As the vast majority of abortions are done for social reasons, the deaths and near deaths that do occur from the operation are especially tragic."[12]. Their imaginations reach full flower when they participate in the periodic "Silent No More" fiction contest, where contestants are urged to write stories about a loved one who supposedly died of illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade. Therefore, the pro-aborts are expecting us to believe that the number of abortions declined by 88 percent because of legalization! Essentially, all Roe v. Wade did was move the back-alley abortion mills around to the front of the alley. When Lynette Wallace died there on September 27, 1975, another doctor claimed that she died of cardiopulmonary arrest. What is the Actual Degree of Under-Reporting? Such cases include subsequent ectopic pregnancies caused by damage inflicted during abortion procedures; complications related to premature delivery of subsequent children directly resulting from damage inflicted during abortion procedures; blood incompatibility complications caused when abortion providers fail to give Rho-GAM shots to RH-negative women; and from suicide brought on by acute post-abortion syndrome (PAS). FIGURE 59-2CALCULATION OF MATERNAL ABORTION AND CHILDBIRTH DEATH RATES, (1)          (2)                    (3)       (4)       (5)          (6)           (7)       (8)      (9)      (10), Deaths                                                             Ectopic    Abor-     Abor-                          Per                                      Abor-                Preg-     tion         tion   Child- Abor- 100,000Year     Births              tions       All     nancy "Official" Actual Birth  tions    Births, 1968     3,501,564       130,000    861     90       130         232      540   178.4     15.41969     3,600,206       169,000    828     86       118         211      531   124.6     14.81970     3,731,386        270,500    802     83      101         180      539     66.6     14.41971     3,555,970       544,600    704     73         95         169      461     31.1     13.01972     3,258,411       624,000    593     62         90         161      371     25.7     11.41973     3,136,965       772,600    518     54         57         102      362     13.2     11.51974     3,159,958       898,600    442     46         54           96      300     10.7       9.51975     3,144,198    1,034,200    402     42         49           87      273       8.5       8.71976     3,167,788    1,179,300    371     39         27           48      284       4.1       9.01977     3,313,000    1,316,700    358     37         35           62      258       4.7       7.81978     3,332,879    1,409,400    320     33         27           48      239       3.4       7.21979     3,494,169    1,497,700    335     35         34           61      240       4.0       6.91980     3,611,887    1,553,900    332     35         29           52      246       3.3       6.81981     3,629,557    1,577,300    309     32         36           64      212       4.1       5.81982     3,680,150    1,573,900    291     30         31           55      205       3.5       5.61983     3,638,730    1,575,000    291     30         26           46      214       2.9       5.91984     3,669,349    1,577,200    286     30         33           59      198       3.7       5.41985     3,750,135    1,588,100    293     30         47           83      179       5.2       4.81986     3,757,000    1,475,000    271     28         31           55      187       3.7       5.01987     3,809,000    1,510,000    251     26         29           52      174       3.4       4.61988     3,913,000    1,540,000    247     26         28           50      171       3.2       4.41989     4,015,000    1,525,000    241     25         34           61      155       4.0       3.922yr.

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