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They form their opinions based on what they see on screen or what they hear people say.”, “Life is too short to dwell on things that make you unhappy.”, “To be great in life, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood.”, “Happiness is personal. Toyin Abraham Net Worth. Toyin Abraham is one of the most popular and influential Nigerian actresses, she once campaigned for Goodluck Jonathan, in his bid to be re-elected in 2015. BIRTH NAME : Olutoyin Aimakhu or Toyin Aimakhu STAGE NAME : Toyin Abraham NET WORTH : DATE OF BIRTH/AGE : Born September 5, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH: She was born in Auchi, a town in Edo State She further explained how she had to quit some habit, redefine her relationships and even researched on how to be a better actress. According to her, starring in Okafor’s Law and working with movie director, Omoni Oboli was highly instrumental to her brand. Toyin Abraham (born Olutoyin Aimakhu; September 5, 1980) is a beautiful, sexy, talented and professional Nigerian film actress, filmmaker, director and producer. Her Net Worth In Ibadan, she started from Queen’s Staff School, then St. Annes School, Ibadan. “Don’t dwell too much on what people tell you so you don’t have to relax, keep moving.”, “When you don’t listen to the voice of the Lord, then you listen to the voice of the devil.”, “When you make a mistake be quick to say it out loud. Toyin Abraham is one of the seasoned Nigerian. She began her acting career in 2003 when she starred in the movie Dugbe Dugbe nbo produced by Bukky Wright. After her primary and secondary education, she obtained a higher national diploma in Marketing from Ibadan Polytechnic. She even stated her willingness to die for his political party PDP (People’s democratic party) before she withdrew her statement after the backlash she received from Nigerians. She obtained a Higher National Diploma Certificate in Marketing from Ibadan Polytechnic and was in the same class with Dibie, C.B.N aka x7. In 2016, she changed her name from Toyin Aimakhu to Toyin Abraham which according to her was a family decision. Chris Attoh – Biography and journey of a versatile entertainer. Olutoyin Aimakhu, Toyin Abraham is a Nigerian actress, film maker, producer and entrepreneur. Toyin Abraham who was born Toyin Aimakhu on September 5, 1984, is a Nigerian actress, movie producer and director who is known for her fascinating roles in Yoruba movies. She also attended Olabisi Onabanjo University and bagged a degree in Philosophy before returning to Iree Polytechnic for an HND in Marketing. Toyin Abraham was born in Auchi, Edo state and attended Obakenzo Nursery and primary school in Benin, before moving to Ibadan in Oyo state. Her estimated net worth is 130 million Naira. In Ibadan, she attended Queen Staff Schools and later, Saint Anne’s, Ibadan. All rights reserved. TOYIN ABRAHAM is a great woman I love her she’s my favorite actress I always admire her I hope that one day I will also be like her I LOVE YOU MUMMY IRE. Click to join and you'll be glad you did. Her family moved to Ibadan in the south western part of Nigeria, during the early stages of her life and she has lived there for more than half of her life. Click to join and you’ll be glad you did. Richest Women Entrepreneurs In Nigeria 2019 And Their Businesses, 15 Online Invoicing Software For Entrepreneurs And Businesses In Nigeria. Harvard University topped the list of universities…, Net Worth : How Much Does King Maha Vajiralongkorn…, Hulk Hogan net worth: How much is the WWE Hall of…, list of 5 cars worth more than Davido's $20m net worth, Before Coronavirus ZOOM CEO Eric Yuan Was Worth $3…. Aimakhu was born on September 5, 1980 in Auchi, a town in Edo State in southern Nigeria, but spent her early life in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in southwestern Nigeria. Today, Toyin Abraham is one of the biggest brands in the Nigerian movie industry. Apparently, her fans were amazed as to how she could perfectly deliver the role. Queen Nwokoye – Biography and movies of the Darling of Nollywood. See Also: Ngozi Ezeonu – Biography, movies and net worth of a Nollywood thespian. Toyin is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman, who launched Toyin Herbals in 2019, a company that sells products to help women with infertility issues. She has been nominated and has won multiple awards for her role in movies. Toyin Abraham Net Worth Toyin is one of Nigeria’s biggest social influencer. Two years in their marriage, both parties opted out of the marriage but for the intervention of the families and friends. In October 2019, Toyin officially launched her herbal medicine business, Toyin Herbal, a subsidiary of Toyin Abraham Company. Let's quickly check out some quick facts about Toyin Abraham and her net worth that you probably never knew. Toyin Abraham first featured in Bukky’s movie, Dugbe Dugbe Nbo. Nigeria Nollywood actress who is into English and Yoruba movies, Toyin Aimakhu who is now Toyin Abraham Biography, Do you want to know about her, Career, Education, Net worth … Comments. A reality check where you realise that your life is no longer your own. Toyin started acting in 2003, when Nigerian actress Bukky Wright visited Ibadan to shoot the movie Dugbe Dugbe Nbo. Toyin Abraham is estimated to worth about $500,000. Selected filmography Elevator Baby (2019) Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (2019) Made in Heaven (2019) The Millions (2019) Kasanova (2019) Bling Lagosians (2019) Nimbe (2019) The Ghost and the Tout (2018) Seven anf Half Dates (2018) Disguise (2018) What just happened (2018) Alakada Reloaded (2017) Esohe (2017) Hakkunde (2017) Mentally (2017) Tatu (2017) London Fever (2017) Wives on Strike: The Revolution (2017) Celebrity Marriage (2017) featuring Tonto Dikeh, Felix Ugo Omokhodion and Jackie Appiah Okafor’s Law (2016) Love is in the Hair (2016) Alani Baba labake (2013) Ebi mi ni (2013) Alakada (2013) Sola Fe Pami. Ever since her breakthrough about a decade ago, she has been featuring back-to-back in top movies. Thank you for reading KC. The first movie she produced is Alajota and there are plans to produce Alajota Reloaded. Toyin Abraham is a great personality, I love her especially her part and role in movie. In 2014, she signed a multi-million-naira contract with Vas2net, a big technological company. Toyin also attended the Ibadan polytechnic and got her Higher national diploma in Marketing, as well as the Olabisi Onabanjo university, were she got a degree in philosophy. Click to join. According to her, the change was her family’s decision. It is how our great-grandparents and grandparents survived and thrived.”, “By the time you analyse issues carefully, you would realise that the so-called critics are people who don’t know you. She won the best female actress at the Nigerian entertainment awards 2017. Toyin Abraham (born Olutoyin Aimakhu; September 5, 1980) is a beautiful, sexy, talented and professional Nigerian film actress, filmmaker, director and producer. Toyin Aimakhu got married in 2013 to her fellow colleague in the industry, Adeniyi Johnson. She bagged a Higher National Diploma certificate in marketing from Ibadan Polytechnic. See Also: Yvonne Jegede – Biography, movies and net worth of a Nollywood star. Although, she was born in Auchi, a town in Edo state, she spent most of her early life in Ibadan, Oyo state part of Nigeria. Toyin once campaigned for the re-election of Nigeria's former president President Goodluck Jonathan's under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP. She is one of the most influential and popular Nigerian actresses. You May Also Like: Biography of Mercy Aigbe How rich is Freddie Mercury when he died? She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Yoruba film titled Ebimi ni during the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards alongside Joke Muyiwa, who was nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Yoruba film titled Ayitale. She began acting in 2003, when Bukky Wright, a Nigerian film actress, visited Ibadan to shoot a movie. This was shortly after she revealed how challenging her journey to motherhood was. She is also the CEO of Curuslimming Tea by Toyin and Body Talk by Toyin. estimated her net worth at $500,000. She began her education in Edo state and attended Oba Kenzo Nursery and Primary School, Benin. Toyin Abraham started acting in 2003 and has featured in several nollywood movies such as Alani Baba Labake, Ebimi Ni, Okafor’s law, Alakada, Sola Fe Pami and the recent one Ghost and the tout. If you want to read about Toyin Abraham biography, Toyin Abraham net worth, Toyin Abraham career, Toyin Abraham Age, Toyin Abraham husband, Toyin Abraham movies, Toyin Abraham Instagram, then you are in the right place. WANT A BIOGRAPHY THAT WILL CAPTIVATE YOUR READERS For An Affordable Fee? Give Us A TRY. She’s ranked amongst the richest and most influential celebrities in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $500,000. Also, she is the CEO of CurvslimmingteabyToyin and bodytalkbyToyin. Toyin once campaigned for the re-election of Nigeria’s former president President Goodluck Jonathan’s under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP. [yotuwp type=”channel” id=”UCg0-ydoZCUV3JM8DLttMaUA” ]. Toyin Abraham Biography (Net Worth, Marital, Career) April 16, 2020 Tella Dare Biography 0. Her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson barely lasted for two years as both couple went their separate ways with infidelity being pointed out as the cause of their divorce. She underwent her primary and Secondary school education in the ancient city of Ibadan, she further her education by studying Marketing at the Polytechnic of Ibadan where she earned a Higher National Diploma …

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