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These cookies do not store any personal information. [43][45] Radially symmetrical organisms always have one distinctive axis. [45], Some elongated protists have distinctive ends of the body. Varus (from Latin 'bow-legged') and valgus (from Latin 'knock-kneed') are terms used to describe a state in which a part further away is abnormally placed towards (varus) or away from (valgus) the midline. [49] Terms used to describe structures include "buccal" (from Latin bucca 'cheek') and "palatal" (from Latin) referring to structures close to the cheek and hard palate respectively. For example, the Central nervous system and the peripheral nervous systems. Radially symmetrical organisms include those in the group Radiata – primarily jellyfish, sea anemones and corals and the comb jellies. Unilateral (from Latin unus 'one'): on one side of the body. This confusion can arise because the forearm can pronate and supinate. [1] In humans, this refers to the body in a standing position with arms at the side and palms facing forward, with thumbs out and to the sides. For example, "anterolateral" indicates a position that is both anterior and lateral to the body axis (such as the bulk of the pectoralis major muscle). [6], Anatomical terms describe structures with relation to four main anatomical planes:[2]. Anatomical axes in a human, similar for other orthograde bipedal vertebrates, Spheroid or near-spheroid organs such as testes may be measured by "long" and "short" axis.[12]. [3], Because animals can change orientation with respect to their environment, and because appendages like limbs and tentacles can change position with respect to the main body, terms to describe position need to refer to an animal when it is in its standard anatomical position. Varus (from Latin 'bow-legged') and valgus (from Latin 'knock-kneed') are terms used to describe a state in which a part further away is abnormally placed towards (varus) or away from (valgus) the midline.[30]. Central (from Latin centralis) describes something close to the centre. There is typically no basis for the definition of a third axis. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Meaning: n. surgical removal of all or part of a nerve. [43][45] Adult echinoderms, such as starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and others are also included, since they are pentaradial, meaning they have five discrete rotational symmetry. Similar words: pneumonectomy, gastrectomy, nephrectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, endarterectomy, hemispherectomy, neurotomy. The term "rostral" is rarely used in human anatomy, apart from embryology, and refers more to the front of the face than the superior aspect of the organism. When Angie learned about her family history of breast cancer, she decided to have both her breasts removed in a bilateral mastectomy. [22] For example, in the anatomical position, the most superior part of the human body is the head and the most inferior is the feet. Anatomical lines are used to describe anatomical location. , The treaty will not be signed if the two countries cannot reach a bilateral agreement. Volar can also be used to refer to the underside of the palm or sole, which are themselves also sometimes used to describe location as palmar and plantar. All the eyes are on the carapace of the prosoma, and their sizes, shapes and locations are characteristic of various spider families and other taxa. Two specialized terms are useful in describing views of arachnid legs and pedipalps. Similarly, in spherically symmetrical organisms, there is nothing to distinguish one line through the centre of the organism from any other. It will help you to be able to visualize positional and spatial locations of structures and navigate directionally from one area to another. Anatomical terms of location in a kangaroo. [46] For example, structures may be described relative to the anterior superior iliac spine, the medial malleolus or the medial epicondyle. Early detection of unilateral occlusion of duplicated uterus ipsilateral renal anomaly is very rare and difficult. [8] To do this, distinct ends of an organism are chosen, and the axis is named according to those directions. Unique terms are used to describe animals without a backbone (invertebrates), because of their wide variety of shapes and symmetry.

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