wonder woman vs thor who would win

Gorr was able to defeat three incarnations of Thor at the same time. I think Diana is better trained and overall a smarter warrior than Marvel Hercules. But then, so is Kalibak. In fact, he is the the prince of the gods. Not only is he massively powerful, but he's also an extremely skilled combatant. Diana, on the other hand, is certainly faster. When she takes the bracers off, she enters God Mode. So if Herc can surpass Thor in hand-to-hand combat, Wonder Woman should be able to as well. She's solidly supersonic in character, while Thor can be matched by peak humans in reaction speeds. Thor is a solid planet buster, and certainly a lot more versatile than Diana. *atom off a molecule. Thor has tanked a planet busting energy attack. Round 3: Both are bloodlusted. Thor has never struggled vs Herald level opponents in the speed department. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Can Thor succumb to Warrior's Madness is any round? MCU Thor is definitely not the the most powerful version of Thor. What a pussy. In-character in her fights she actually uses super speed a decent amount. Note that Thor's advantages all seem to lie in offense (energy attacks, more strength, his hammer) while Diana's are mostly defensive (bracers, speed). Likewise, their godlike powers and backgrounds make them some of the strongest characters in all of comics, period. On a more serious note, I can see WW winning simply because she has bracelets and Thor's speed is so incredibly bad. In many of those occasions, Thor has kept Mjolnir out of it so he could go mano-a-mano with the Prince of Power. With the two having many things in common, fans have often debated who would win between the two. Most comments seem to be focusing on their physical capacities (more-or-less even), but remember that behavior is also important. You are indeed where you belong. And Mjolnir can be thrown 2x the speed of light. He would assume that she was doing so because she had no other option, and think he was winning. He's a FTL speed fighter. Thor has Godblast, which he has used to make a Starving Galactus retreat. In the bloodlusted rounds she'll go lightspeed and cut him down before he gets to react. She answered that Wonder Woman would be the victor - and asked Thor's Hemsworth to weight. Which still doesn't really mean anything in any context. Uhm the only Wonder Woman that slow is the DCEU version. Round 2: Wonder Woman and Thor are at full power. Both of them are seasoned warriors and are as skilled as anyone at physical combat, but Thor is brash where Diana is measured, and I think that would make the difference. Bonus round # 3 - mid 90s comic WW catches mjolnir when Thor inevitably throws it at her and is found worthy. Superman is an alien. Round 1: Wonder Woman and Thor are both holding back power. Sooo could she cut Mjolnir in half? Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! While Wonder Woman only has the speed advantage. Thor refuses to tell because he doesn't trust this strange invader. Wonder Woman finds Thor and asks where Loki is. Not sure about the other rounds though. Pre Reboot Thor is before all new All different Marvel/Battleworld. She is far stronger and quicker and has possibly a higher level of durability against kinectic energy attacks (punches). Sorry, I'm barely getting into comic books, so my knowledge here is limited. Given their personalities, I think it possible and likely for Wonder Woman to bait Thor by staying on the defensive, deflecting and evading all of his attacks.

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