Our strategy is simple. We all shop too much, so why not sell our brand new or barely worn items so that someone else can enjoy them. It’s better to get rid of the “I’ll fit into it one day” category to focus on what you can truly enjoy wearing right now!! This site focuses on quality pieces without the high pricing. Might as well share your love of fashion with other like-minded individuals.

My friends call me “the eye”. I have eyed them many times when we’ve gone shopping, so you can think of me as your shopping friend! My closets are overflowing, so rather than contributing to waste, it would be fantastic to see others breathing new life into these garments. I have a huge weakness for dresses, so you’ll likely see many posted on here.

To keep things simple and reduce our carbon footprint, I’m based in the greater Vancouver area here in beautiful British Columbia. Any transactions can be made locally by meeting up at a sky train station or coffee shop.

My end goal is to have a win win situation for both of us! I get to make a bit more room in my closets, you get a fantastic item for a fraction of the cost and we are both helping the environment by re-using what we can! Eco-friendly fashionistas at our best!