Our Vision

Many of us who love to shop tend to have a lot of material things. To reuse or recycle these goods helps to keep them in circulation and it’s a good win win for the seller and the buyer. You’re helping to save the Planet one item at a time! And because you’ve spent so much money over the years being a “Material Girl”, it is nice to get something back to go for that nice dinner out with friends, family or that special someone!

Our Story

I’m a shopaholic and have been for many years! I love to hunt for a great bargain and for some reason, I keep finding them! Over the years, I have accumulated many lovely material items that have filled every nook and cranny of my multiple closets and wardrobes. (Seven to be exact at this moment!) I had even more items a few years ago, but I did downsize a lot since our last home move.

Hubby has put up with me over the years quite patiently and I’m sure many of you can relate to this! So the decision was made to start material girl and have a site where I can list my new or barely used items. Hubby is the brains behind this project and helps me behind the scenes as I’m not as tech savvy as I would like to be! We want this to be a forum where many other shopaholics and material girls like me can be eco-friendly and if that means breathing new life into a dress for a fraction of the original cost, so be it!

Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Sandra and even though I love all of my clothing and shoes, I am trying to downsize from seven closets to five! Not sure if that will happen right away, but I’m going to try. I even gave up shopping for six months recently and that helped a little, but not enough. This has made me more aware of how much money I’ve spent over the numerous years and even if I can recoup some of this in a small way, that would be great. Giving new life to a dress, handbag or shoes for someone else to cherish would be the ultimate goal!

Paul is the other half of this great team and is the driving force behind this eco-friendly project!

We are proud to be serving the Greater Vancouver area here in beautiful British Columbia!

Our stock…

Most of our items will be one of a kind and there will be a small variety in sizing. We will only list items that are “new” or in excellent used condition. We hope to expand our sizing as Material Girl grows!